Apply a complete applicative policy

Now we have defined our technique, we will apply it. To do so, got to the directives page (Configuration management → Directives) and find our new technique (for example by using the filter with "Website"), and create a directive.

We will configure the site using the node property we defined in the node management section.

The syntax to use to access them is ${[property_name]}. Here we have hierarchical JSON, so we access a sub-key with ${[property_name][sub_key]}.

This time our technique takes parameters, so we have to provide them:

  • ${[website][webroot]}

  • ${[website][domain]}

  • ${[website][port]}

Parameters for our website technique

Then you can see the rules zone at the bottom of the page. It allows quickly linking a directive to a rule, as it is a common task in Rudder.

We will use it and select our Demo Website rule, then save the directive.

Parameters for our website technique

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