Rudder techniques

This guide covers the usage of YAML-based techniques in Rudder, including the techniques syntax and usage of the rudderc tool.


Techniques in Rudder are system configuration or audit templates, which can include extra files and take parameters. They are instantiated by directives, which are in turn linked to rules to be applied. Techniques are based on building blocks called methods, which control basic items (like the content of a file or its permissions).

Rudder includes a graphical editor for techniques, providing easy access creation and customization of configuration policies in Rudder.

The technique editor page

In addition to this visual editor, it is possible to create and modify techniques as code, in YAML format, like:

id: "ntp"
name: "NTP configuration"
version: "0.1"
description: "This technique configures the local ntp service"
documentation: "**Markdown** formatted documentation."
  - name: "NTP configuration"
    id: d86ce2e5-d5b6-45cc-87e8-c11cca71d907
    method: file_content
    condition: "debian"
      path: "/etc/ntp.conf"
      lines: "server"
      enforce: "true"

These two representations are equivalent, and you will soon be able to use both of them to edit the same technique.