Share files from an external git repository

It is a common use case to share files with your nodes from a git repository (containing configuration files, configuration data, etc.) hosted outside of the Rudder server (Github, Gitlab, etc.).

Rudder allows using its file synchronization mechanism to copy any files, all we have to do is to setup the git synchronization.

Prepare the repository


You need to clone the repository on your Rudder server in /var/rudder/configuration-repository/shared-files.

cd /var/rudder/configuration-repository/shared-files
git clone git://my.git.server/conf_files.git


The simplest way to keep the repository up to date is to use a cron job:

Cron task configuration for update
You could also make this cron task capable of running the clone in case the folder is missing to allow automated installation.

Synchronize files

You can now use the standard methods for file copy from Rudder server:

  • Files download (Rudder server) technique

  • File from shared folder method

  • File from remote source and File from remote source recursion methods

You only need to use the path of you repository (/var/rudder/configuration-repository/shared-files/conf_files/) as source, something like:

Source file selection for copy

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