Change logs for Rudder 6.2

Rudder 6.2 is currently a development version of Rudder.

Rudder 6.2.0.rc1 (2020-11-25)



  • Embed augeas in the agent (#17945)

  • Add rudder-agent services to solaris package (#18444)


  • Update documentation about node properties value inheritance rules (#18537)

  • Add a link to rudder-by-example in windows doc (#12622)

  • Fix links to different API versions (#18546)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Add a property column without inherited values in node list (#18641)

  • API to totally erase a node everywhere (#18035)

Web - UI & UX

  • Pretty-print json properties in nodes list (#18618)

  • Beautify Nodes page (#18424)

  • Change default columns of nodes tables (#18617)

  • Do not use italics on login page (#18606)

  • Rename Id to "Node ID" in columns name for consistency (#18603)

  • Rename node menu entries for consistency (#18590)

  • Group display: allow to see last inventory field (#7687)

  • Densify the Directives interface (#14841)

  • Add a reset columns button and some guard on localstorage cache (#18495)

  • Store columns used in localstorage in nodes list (#18476)

  • Reduce data send to nodes list and make a faster display (#18473)


  • Rudder server relay install should use the up-to-date commands and not deprecated ones (#18639)


  • Missing a PATCH API for allowed networks (#18508)

  • Documentation for /nodes/status page (#18483)

  • 6.2 API version is 13 (#18481)

Architecture - Internal libs

  • Skip performance test (#18563)

Architecture - Refactoring

  • Move date formatter service to a more common project (#15915)

  • Move health check API in /system/ (#18482)

Web - Maintenance

  • Skip non-standard moint FS for free-space check (#18534)


  • deprecate the version 2.0 of the technique VariableFromJsonFiles (#14244)

Generic methods

  • Augeas methods should prefer the agent provided binary (#18600)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: We try to replace python shebang in source files instead of destination files (#18675)

  • Fixed: Message about replacing files during upgrade on debian like is not precise enough (#18671)

  • Fixed: Solaris package generation doesn’t follows repository tree (#18666)

  • Fixed: solaris versions only support digits (#18640)

  • Fixed: agent fails to build on aix (#18624)

  • Fixed: Solaris fails to build on 6.2 (#18614)

  • Fixed: rudder-metrics-reporting doesn’t work with 5 000 nodes (#16675)

  • Fixed: Typo in rudder package command on upgrade (#18452)

  • Fixed: Remove useless output from rudder package (#18555)

  • Fixed: Upgrading Rudder 6.2 on centos 7 fails (#18521)


  • Fixed: Fix metrics-reporting script (#18568)

System integration

  • Fixed: add software index in ldap (#18475)

  • Fixed: Force reload of generic-method cache when app starts (#18635)

Plugins integration

  • Fixed: rudder_synchronize uses the wrong API to retrieve techniques (#18421)

  • Fixed: Upgrading 6.2 nightly to 6.2 nightly with plugins fails (#18645)

  • Fixed: Link to plugins in Rudder interface should point directly to plugins list (#18658)

  • Fixed: rudder package config may not have the new parameters and may fail when reading them (#18453)


  • Fixed: Improve documentation on disk space requirement (#18532)

  • Fixed: Search window appears behind "dev version warning" bar (#18524)

  • Fixed: Add documentation about proxy in rudder package command (#18454)

  • Fixed: Doc about "Condition from variable existence" is wrong (#18458)

Web - Technique editor

  • Fixed: Filter for name for generic methods in technique editor doesn’t filter (#18693)

  • Fixed: Code blocks in the technique editor are not rendered correctly (#18547)

Web - Compliance & node report

  • Fixed: Reporting error when using twice " File from local source" with parameter and without parameter in rudder 6.x (#18686)

  • Fixed: it’s impossible to see all technical logs in 6.2 (#18687)

  • Fixed: Popup error on group page with a readonly user in 6.2 (#18626)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Fixed: Inherited properties always displayed in the column, even if checkbox unchecked (#18681)

  • Fixed: If there is a lot of pending nodes, accept button is not displayed (#18680)

  • Fixed: Typo in example script for auto-accept: POSTT (#18676)

  • Fixed: [object Object] in inherited properties column (#18668)

  • Fixed: Add a script example for auto-acceptation of nodes by hook (#18634)

  • Fixed: Removing all node list columns remove the whole table (#18597)

  • Fixed: Column name to add are not sorted alphabetically (#18538)

  • Fixed: In added node attribute column, property value is never updated (#18542)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: Clicking on "show docs" on a generic method scroll down too much (#18612)

  • Fixed: Many alignement issues on 6.2 (#18610)

  • Fixed: In read_only mode, many things are editable (#18627)

  • Fixed: Add line break for partition’s list in healthcheck notification (#18662)

  • Fixed: Typo in healthcheck notification title (#18661)

  • Fixed: Disable directive button has incorrect capitalization (#18601)

  • Fixed: Make group tab name capitalization consistent (#18656)

  • Fixed: Small UI features are missing from the new 6.2 interface (#18588)

  • Fixed: Column names in pending and accepted nodes are different (#18609)

  • Fixed: Improve display of partition free space (#18605)

  • Fixed: Make capitalization in directive form tabs consistent (#18604)

  • Fixed: Column label moves slightly when hovering remove button (#18594)

  • Fixed: Rename "Server" node list column to "Policy server" (#18591)

  • Fixed: missing (404) favicon in rudder loading page (#18571)

  • Fixed: Missing lights indicators in healthcheck page (#18582)

  • Fixed: Light in healthcheck notif are not displayed (#18574)

  • Fixed: Wrong timezone format of Date displayed in Recent Changes table (#18543)

  • Fixed: Display message if there are no parameters in Directive details (#11714)

  • Fixed: In Groups page, the search filter should take up the full width available (#18533)

  • Fixed: after editing columns in the group or serach node page, there’s a JS error when doing a search (#18498)

  • Fixed: Missing (404) ajax-loader.gif on node pending page (#18491)

  • Fixed: Reloading a page with a node table or refreshing breaks hostname links and compliance (#18516)

  • Fixed: spacing is uneven in reports database page (#18503)

  • Fixed: spacing is uneven in the settings page (#18501)

  • Fixed: Improve health check texts (#18477)

  • Fixed: Width of the Directive tree changes according to the selected Directive. (#18474)

  • Fixed: Compliance does not show up if you don’t click on refresh (#18462)

  • Fixed: Empty space in Directives header (#18401)

  • Fixed: Warning on plugin icon is huge on left menu (#18460)

  • Fixed: Header of some page hides menu from the left side (#18463)

  • Fixed: Health check page is not displayed (#18461)

Web - Maintenance

  • Fixed: category.xml is created in place of activeTechniqueSettings.xml in all config-repos/directives (#18499)

  • Fixed: Healthcheck checks happen to often (#18540)

  • Fixed: Healthcheck checks happen to often (#18540)

  • Fixed: Notification healthcheck is not displayed on warning (#18479)


  • Fixed: API ACL order is lost for users (#18664)

  • Fixed: API message when a node details is not found is extremelly misleading (#18654)

  • Fixed: Bad file name in api-doc: set-allowed-networks.yml (#18608)

  • Fixed: Check parition should check the lowest space available first (#18480)

  • Fixed: Typo in API doc (#18457)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Added column for node property does not show inherited value (#18595)

  • Fixed: Inherited mode is not returned in API (#18578)

  • Fixed: String node properties display quotes (#18580)

  • Fixed: We don’t know which hook timeout when it happens (#18530)

  • Fixed: Inherited node prop arrays are replaced not merged contrary to doc (#18466)

  • Fixed: If a second rollback starts when a first is processing, system group/technique may be lost (#17720)

Architecture - Internal libs

  • Fixed: semaphore gurading LDAP repos are created each time (#18584)

  • Fixed: If LDAP server does not support subtree deletion, we get error when entry does not exists (#18529)

  • Fixed: ifTrace/Debug/etcIsEnabled on pure logger does nothings (#18528)

Performance and scalability

  • Fixed: Batch of new nodes can overflow rudder server with inventories (#16773)

  • Fixed: Loading directive’s page is very slow (#18510)

Relay server or API

  • Fixed: Too many open files in relayd when disk is full (#18437)

  • Fixed: Broken report parser on some info messages (#18497)

Server components

  • Fixed: Error when refusing a node (#16739)

System techniques

  • Fixed: ncf_hash_file is created with incorrect group permission by system techniques (#18592)

  • Fixed: file augeas set class parameter should be path rather than lens (#18442)


  • Fixed: ssh key distribution techniques doesn’t accept - in user login (#18449)


  • Fixed: Update file from remote template doc (#18632)

Generic methods - File Management

  • Fixed: Create a file from remote template generic method (#18384)

  • Fixed: Flag the file_augeas_set to stagging since the method does not work as intended (#18570)

  • Fixed: File_augeas_set method does not report as expected (#18536)

  • Fixed: Document the permissions recursive and permissions type recursive methods (#18447)

  • Fixed: Permissions recursive method uses an undefined "recursion" variable in its report string (#18446)

  • Fixed: jinja templating script uses python3 even if jinja2 is not installed in python3 but is in python2 (#18416)

Generic methods

  • Fixed: variable iterator should accept whitespace as separator (#18562)

  • Fixed: variable from command does not always report an error when the command failed (#18512)

  • Fixed: when sum of length of parameter is larger than 1000 characters, reporting leaks too much from one method to another (#18505)

  • Fixed: techniques in audit don’t report correctly for editing values in files (#18451)

  • Fixed: Jinja2 templating fails with python 3 with unicode data (#18441)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Florian Heigl

This is a bug fix release in the 6.2 series and therefore all installations of 6.2.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.2.0.beta1 (2020-10-29)



  • Update dependencies for Rudder (#18392)


  • Document Health Check in user doc (#18350)

Web - Compliance & node report

  • Make fields of node list customizable (#7967)


  • Add check for File Descriptor limit (#18414)

  • Add check for free space (#18357)

Web - UI & UX

  • Beautify Global Parameters page (#18418)

  • Healthcheck notification in navigation bar (#18328)

  • Create Healthcheck webpage (#18314)

  • Beautify API accounts page (#18389)

  • Beautify Reports database page (#18388)

  • Beautify Event logs page (#18366)

  • Update settings UI (#18263)

  • Merge ncf editor into Rudder (#18262)

  • Add a shortcut to create directive with latest technique version from the tree (#18164)

  • Make the filter section of the directives tree foldable (#18157)

  • Use new UI template in Directives page (#18076)


  • Node status API must not return an error when the node is not here (#17666)

  • Add check name in healthcheck API (#18363)

  • Create healthcheck API (#18306)

Architecture - Dependencies

  • Update dependencies for the webapp (#18395)

Relay server or API

  • Update relayd dependencies (#18393)


  • Implement ips package repositories technique (#18434)

  • Create an "old-school" crontab technique to manage crontab in /var/spool/cron/crontabs (#18228)

Generic methods

  • Do not fix component key in generic methods reporting (#18433)

Generic methods - Package Management

  • Add solaris package support to ncf (#18243)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: Version rudder-api-client like Rudder on RPM (#18435)

Plugins integration

  • Fixed: All plugins are disabled after a minor upgrade (#17878)


  • Fixed: Prepare doc for 6.2 (#18368)

  • Fixed: Broken ncf doc build (#18369)

Architecture - Refactoring

  • Fixed: Fix compilation issues after merge (#18443)

Architecture - Dependencies

  • Fixed: Update to scala 2.13.3 (#18425)


  • Fixed: Missing RudderConfig parameter pour healthcheck period (#18413)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Fixed: Create hooks for when a node inventory is received (#18379)

  • Fixed: Support source package in Rudder inventory (#18317)

Server components

  • Fixed: Group owner of files under configuration-repository are inconsistent (#18347)

  • Fixed: Rudder SSL default configuration should follow the system default one (#18338)

Relay server or API

  • Fixed: Handle proxies in rudder package command (#18326)

  • Fixed: Handle proxies in rudder package command (#18326)

  • Fixed: Handle proxies in rudder package command (#18326)

  • Fixed: Handle proxies in rudder package command (#18326)

  • Fixed: Handle proxies in rudder package command (#18326)

Technique editor - API

  • Fixed: Technique editor doesn’t use context path for API call (#18374)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: Beautify Archives page (#18365)

  • Fixed: In the Technique Editor, tooltips no longer appear. (#18334)

  • Fixed: Some page sections blink while the Technique Editor is loading (#18329)

  • Fixed: Replace old notifications by those of Rudder (#18324)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Stop parsing os/agent from technique metadata (#18340)

Performance and scalability

  • Fixed: Unused index on table Ruddersysevents (#18110)

System techniques

  • Fixed: Cron for Rudder agent on solaris is invalid (#18231)

Generic methods - Package Management

  • Fixed: implement nim package manager (#18313)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Janos Mattyasovszky

This is a bug fix release in the 6.2 series and therefore all installations of 6.2.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

This page provides a summary of changes for each version.

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