Change logs for Rudder 6.0

Rudder 6.0 is currently a maintained version of Rudder.

This page provides a summary of changes for each version. Previous beta and rc versions are listed below for convenience.

Rudder 6.0.9 (2020-09-16)


Bug fixes

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Groups are not commited in configuration-repository on modification (#18207)

System integration

  • Fixed: Logs from all nodes are always reported in all.log (#18205)


  • Fixed: Technique resources should not be commited on server upgrade (#18213)

Release notes

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.0.8 (2020-09-16)



  • CVE plugin api documentation (#17940)

  • Improve docs consistency (#18109)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: if configuration files are replaced during upgrade, rudder-upgrade fails on both postgresql checks and plugins disabling (#18139)


  • Fixed: Rudder app and docs should not be indexable by search engines (#18019)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Fixed: In SLES 15, SP is view as part of rudder agent version (#17736)

  • Fixed: Group query with OR composition and searching for Node properties return all nodes in place of none (#18172)

  • Fixed: Group query with OR composition and searching for Node properties return less results than expected (#18133)

  • Fixed: Number of groups on the dashboard in incorrect (#17202)

Relay server or API

  • Fixed: SELinux perms on relay forbid to retrieve files from shared-folder (Windows DSC) (#17770)


  • Fixed: Update links to ansible inventory plugin (#18080)

  • Fixed: http in place of https in install doc for zypper subscription repo (#18055)

  • Fixed: Fix doc build after nodejs upgrade (#18056)

  • Fixed: The documentation should mention more obviously that upgrades from 4.3 to 6.0 are not supported (#17982)

  • Fixed: Documentation is wrong about default values for data retention (#17935)


  • Fixed: "id" setting is silently ignored for new group created through the REST API. (#10216)

  • Fixed: Rudder directive API seem to take key-value order into account in json POST request (#14934)

  • Fixed: Fix swagger warnings in api doc (#18020)


  • Fixed: orchestrateur-5 (root) inventory are send to demo/snapshot/dev server, breaking their inventory preventing to use them (#18130)

  • Fixed: Error displayed when switching from full access to read only (#18052)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: SUSE is spelled SuSE in the webapp (#16319)

  • Fixed: Techniques with conditions on tasks with very long parameters report "missing" parts on the dashboard (#18100)

  • Fixed: "error: Only functions returning scalars can be used as arguments" in verbose output (#18101)

  • Fixed: Missing interpolator in error message for allowed networks (#17967)

  • Fixed: Incorrect error message when a resource is not found (#17944)

Performance and scalability

  • Fixed: duplicate parsing for hostname in inventory processing (#18097)

System integration

  • Fixed: Test fails because takes too long (#18050)

  • Fixed: directive list tells you to upgrade the server if it didn’t yet connect. (#16663)

  • Fixed: When rudder agent health stops all service because there aren’t any space left, if should state it in the log (and which fs) (#17472)

Web - Technique editor

  • Fixed: Remove technique from technique tree when deleting technique in the technique editor (#18015)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: Cannot set Compliance reporting mode on "Non compliant only" in settings tab (#16402)

  • Fixed: Error when trying to enable a disabled Technique in the technique tree (#17906)


  • Fixed: Technique shared folder on WIndows use invalid md5 hash instead of sha256 (#18176)

  • Fixed: No flush key report on sshKeyDistribution when there is not yet an ssh key configured (#16516)

System techniques

  • Fixed: If gzip is not installed the inventory is not sent (#17891)


  • Fixed: hostname command may not exist (#18018)

  • Fixed: When a node is in bootstrap mode there is no understandable way to unlock it from this state (#16825)

  • Fixed: rudder agent health fails on aix (#17933)

Generic methods

  • Fixed: Method shared folder should not state that you can use md5 as hash method (#18177)

  • Fixed: File from local source with check: diff error (#17303)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Bas B

  • Frédéric COSTANT

  • Alexander Brunhirl

  • Florian Heigl

  • Dmitry Svyatogorov

  • PB LO

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.0.7 (2020-07-03)



  • Missing uninstall doc for agent (#17790)


  • Add a 'Rudder by example' best practice use case (#17715)

  • Add a 'Rudder by example' best practice use case (#17715)

  • Add a 'Rudder by example' best practice use case (#17715)

  • Add a 'Rudder by example' best practice use case (#17715)

Plugins integration

  • Rudder package list should display plugin status (#16793)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: Rudder-agent needs libxml-treepp-perl dependency to work on minimal Debian (#17699)

  • Fixed: /opt/rudder/etc/rudder-pkg comes with the wrong permissions (#17695)

  • Fixed: Agent uses "cmp" command but it is not a dependency (#17606)

  • Fixed: shared-files acls are incorrect on relays, preventing the windows nodes from downloading them (#17802)

  • Fixed: ruder package command fails to run in automated setup (#17645)

  • Fixed: ruder package command fails to run in automated setup (#17645)


  • Fixed: remove pg_repack from documentation (#17839)

  • Fixed: Missing doc about root-relay communication flows (#17837)

  • Fixed: Documentation should state that SSD is recommended for more than 50 nodes (#17761)

  • Fixed: Missing documentation for overriding jetty system properties in start.ini (#17719)

  • Fixed: Inconsistent commands for service management (#17529)

  • Fixed: Images from private plugins are not visible (#17498)

Relay server or API

  • Fixed: Shared-files correction in postinst must be recursive (#17882)

  • Fixed: Ignore invalid hash in nodeslist (#17458)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Wrong error message when policy server of a Node is not found during generation (#17851)

  • Fixed: Upgrading from rudder 5.0 to 6.0 leads to distributePolicy not available error (#17836)

  • Fixed: Duplicate category name error when saving a new user technique (#17774)

  • Fixed: Auto-archive gitRepo.git failure warning is not actionnable, should be info or debug (#17777)

  • Fixed: Ignored node lead to an error log during generation (#17441)


  • Fixed: 'policyMode' vs. 'policy' in node settings API (#17817)

  • Fixed: API documentation on Rules is missing explaination on how to update rule category (#17409)

  • Fixed: Bad JSON answer for api PUT /rules (#17388)

Performance and scalability

  • Fixed: table nodes contains on entry per node per generation, which is too much (#17778)

  • Fixed: table nodes contains on entry per node per generation, which is too much (#17778)

  • Fixed: when running cf-promises, list-compatible-inputs is ran 8 times (#17481)

System integration

  • Fixed: Cannot download licenses if there is a trailing slash in rudder package config url (#17673)

  • Fixed: rudder package command fails when not run from a terminal (#17453)

Plugins integration

  • Fixed: Improve rudder package error message when an update is needed (#17626)

  • Fixed: rudder package logs are inconsistent (#17600)


  • Fixed: Markdown descriptions in directives and groups are evaluated, resulting in Javascript execution (#17641)

Web - Compliance & node report

  • Fixed: policy generation fails if we put a " in the directive name (#17628)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Fixed: compilation error in 6.0 because of absence of typo in Inconsistency (#17605)

  • Fixed: Purge of unreferenced software may still fail on very large system (#17176)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: When adding tags, if anything is wrong in the directive form, all unsaved tags are wiped out (#15557)

  • Fixed: OS logo is missing in summary node (#16454)

  • Fixed: Ignored (disabled) nodes are show as enabled in details (#17440)


  • Fixed: clockConfiguration is not compatible with systemd-based systems (#6772)

  • Fixed: Rsync commands for shared files are broken (#17468)

System techniques

  • Fixed: Rudder 6 check postgresql process failes (#17145)

  • Fixed: Error when setting classes for agent capabilities (#17480)

Generic methods

  • Fixed: Syntax error in shared_file_to_node (#17667)

  • Fixed: no reports from sharedfile to node if file is already there (#17661)

Web - Technique editor

  • Fixed: The technique editor struggles to display long line as component (#17392)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Alexander Brunhirl

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.0.6 (2020-05-19)



  • Document that Rudder servers should not be exposed on the Internet (#17316)

  • Improve doc related to plugins/subscriptions (#17144)


  • Use cargo-deny to replace cargo-audit (#17308)


  • Add a command to set policy server on agents (#16529)

Technique editor - UI/UX

  • Keep the original name of a Generic Method displayed (#16937)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: SELinux policy for technique editor is not applied anymore after upgrade on RHEL/Centos server (#17395)

  • Fixed: "strip" calls fail during AIX agent build (#17365)

  • Fixed: Reduce size of rpm build logs (#17360)

  • Fixed: Missing dependency on iproute2 making rudder-init fails on minimal install (#17356)

  • Fixed: Agent package cache is updated at each run (#17337)

  • Fixed: Our agent package contains CFEngine systemd units (#16790)


  • Fixed: Debug script is broken in 6.0 (#17380)

  • Fixed: Update embedded openssl version to 1.1.1g (#17178)

  • Fixed: Add doc about return codes to agent man page (#17281)

  • Fixed: Agent run exit code should be 0 when agent runs properly (no breaking/fatal errors) (#17268)

Performance and scalability

  • Fixed: Agent consuming lots of IO and resources at each run (#17371)


  • Fixed: Doc about missing uuid.hive at upgrade was not upmerged (#17299)

  • Fixed: Add a link to upgrade notes at the beginning of each upgrade doc page (#17219)

  • Fixed: Plugins menu in the documentation should be in alphabetical order (#16808)

  • Fixed: API documentation is lacking of a Json based update of rule/directive (#17292)

Relay server or API

  • Fixed: Inventories from new nodes should be sent using the "rudder" password and not generated one (#17416)

Architecture - Internal libs

  • Fixed: Stacktrace in test introduce in #17341 (#17411)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Compliance data for reporting plugin are not generated anymore (#17341)

  • Fixed: TechniqueVersion ordering algorithm is incorrect (#17157)


  • Fixed: API documentation omits the policymode parameter of directives (#17301)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: Page for node not found is too minimalist (#16515)

  • Fixed: Rule ID is not trimmed when copied from the web interface (#17290)


  • Fixed: exception in ldap search are not correctly caught (#17267)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Fixed: When a node is removed from a dynamic group, it log "adding nothing, removing nothing" (#17220)

  • Fixed: Concurrent access to node info cache cause exception to be thrown when accessing cache content (#17172)

System techniques

  • Fixed: Runlog catchup does not work on linux (#17192)

Technique editor - API

  • Fixed: techniques files are parsed twice (#17425)

Web - Technique editor

  • Fixed: Technique diverge popup when comming back to a techniques because of a change of category (#17400)

Technique editor - UI/UX

  • Fixed: Text & Boxes jump when displaying missing inputs (#16235)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Florian Heigl

  • Victor Héry

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.0.5 (2020-04-23)



  • Add a page about pre-releases (#17091)

  • Change path for plugin images (#16990)

  • Redirect video page from the doc to the youtube playlists (#17002)

  • Move upgrade notes into "upgrade rudder" (#16947)

  • Add new API docs to the main doc menu (#16865)

  • Explains how to change requestHeaderSize in Rudder 5.0 (#16677)

  • Publish arch-doc for http reporting/relayd in the repo (#16623)

Web - UI & UX

  • Folded categories in the Directive tree should be kept between sessions (#16258)


  • Add a rust-toolchain file in relayd (#16957)

Web - Compliance & node report

  • Better tracking of last seen state (#8069)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: Align Unix agent certificate configuration on the one used by Windows agents (#17043)

  • Fixed: Upgrade to CFEngine 3.12.4 (#16978)

  • Fixed: Agent check splaytime is not actually random (#17082)

  • Fixed: "rudder agent factory-reset" restores old uuid instead of changing it (#16900)

  • Fixed: rudder agent reset does not ensure that ncf is up to date on the server (#16826)


  • Fixed: When installing rudder-server-root on RPM-based systems, it asks about running rudder-node-to-relay (#14600)

  • Fixed: shared-files are not writable by relayd on upgraded servers (#16923)

  • Fixed: Slow permissions change of /var/rudder/share during upgrade (#16907)

  • Fixed: Inconsistent path for nodeslist.pem (#16762)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Fixed: In SLES 15, SP is view as part of version (#16803)

Plugins integration

  • Fixed: Remove old rudder-plugin script (#16755)


  • Fixed: Add documentation on generic methods writing (#16988)

  • Fixed: Add better documentation on how to access technique parameter within a technique (#17034)

  • Fixed: Precise in the documentation that the Windows agent does not currently support HTTPS report mode (#17018)

  • Fixed: Add a reference documentation about methods writing (#16999)

  • Fixed: Remove debian 5 from the list of supported os (#17005)

  • Fixed: Add a logs documentation page (#16602)

  • Fixed: Broken formatting of network requirements (#16970)

  • Fixed: Documentation for variables is "splitted" in two (#16933)

  • Fixed: Typo in Variable doc: hsotname (#16918)

  • Fixed: Document /var/rudder/policy-generation-info (#16903)

  • Fixed: Add an example on how to apply condition_from_variable_match_regex to a technique parameter (#17035)


  • Fixed: Add DSC inventory hook documentation (#16940)

Technique editor - UI/UX

  • Fixed: When we add a multiline description in a technique, it breaks policy generation and technique loadingg (#17141)

  • Fixed: "Technique diverges" bug still persists (#16691)

Web - Maintenance

  • Fixed: When deletion of reports fails, we don’t get meaningful message, and it fails when ComplianceLevels are disabled (#17129)

  • Fixed: Purge of unreferenced software may fail on very large system (#16636)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: Some alignement issues in the interface (#16430)

  • Fixed: Generation status color must not be grey (#17104)

  • Fixed: Users with readonly rights should be able to view the node properties and their value (#16854)

  • Fixed: Menu scroll is broken (#17056)

  • Fixed: Hide remote run button for Windows agent (#16898)

Relay server or API

  • Fixed: Systemd hardening generates error message on remote-run (#17107)

  • Fixed: Windows agents are unable to access shared-folder (#17041)

  • Fixed: Vulnerability in a dependency of relayd benchmarking tool (#16975)

  • Fixed: Broken parsing of openscap technique report (#16961)

System integration

  • Fixed: Test files are not correctly clean (#17079)

  • Fixed: Trace log in policy generation is displaying the same value for two differents entries (#16916)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Policy generation must fail when report is HTTPS only and old agent are present (#17019)

  • Fixed: Agent 6.0 can’t update policies from Rudder 5.0 (#17081)

  • Fixed: Technique resources are not provided to Windows agent (#17062)


  • Fixed: Webdav password is ignored and access is granted for all nodes in allowed networks (#16552)

  • Fixed: duplicate RudderUniqueID on one entry on UserManagement v9 (#16881)

  • Fixed: When using twice directive packageManagement 1.2, once to ensure presence of a package, and second one to upgrade the package, reporting and posthook is wrong on the second one (#16849)

Architecture - Dependencies

  • Fixed: Upgrade Bouncy Castle GPG to latest minor version (#17006)

Performance and scalability

  • Fixed: Infinite loop in for may leak memory (#16946)

  • Fixed: Git configuration-repository object is created at each evaluation, impacting performance (#16929)

  • Fixed: Inneficient computation of RuleStatusReports and NodeStatusReports (#16661)


  • Fixed: Add openapi 11 version of the API doc (#16852)

Generic methods - Package Management

  • Fixed: Update package modules to 3.12.4 (#17111)

  • Fixed: package_state_options doesn’t properly defines outcome classes when called twice with same package name (#16850)

Generic methods

  • Fixed: Use a valid URL to test http methods (#17098)

  • Fixed: Broken tests for user group (#17008)

  • Fixed: Permissions dirs recursive doesn’t allow to set only owner, or group, or mode (#16917)

  • Fixed: Generic method sysctl_value (#16882)

Web - Technique editor

  • Fixed: Can’t insert method to end of method list in technique editor (#16993)

  • Fixed: Technique editor does not prevent user from cloning a technique with an already existing id (#17030)

  • Fixed: When editing the content of a ressource, the "save" button is lowercase (#16722)

Generic methods - User Management

  • Fixed: There is no method to handle secondary groups of a user in the technique editor (#16325)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Tim Taler

  • Florian Heigl

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.0.4 (2020-03-03)



  • Add upgrade notice to 6.0.3 (#16832)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: Policy generation fails with many nodes in 6.0 after an upgrade (#16845)

Web - Maintenance

  • Fixed: LDAP connection pool error are not correctly reported (#16847)

  • Fixed: when we import groups, categories are not imported, and groups are not imported either (#16835)


  • Fixed: It is impossible to use the /nodes/applyPolicy endpoint (#16848)

Web - Compliance & node report

  • Fixed: Changing one node policy mode change the policy mode for all nodes (#16844)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Restoring directive archive timeout and break LDAP (#16839)

Web - Technique editor

  • Fixed: Impossible to scroll through technique list in the technique editor (#16840)

Technique editor - API

  • Fixed: Technique with non ascii characters breaks migration from 5.0 to 6.0 (#16838)

Generic methods - File Management

  • Fixed: Add log reporting for jinja templating (#16748)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.0.3 (2020-02-27)



  • Update security doc after 6.0 (#16572)

Web - UI & UX

  • Make some changes to facilitate the integration of plugins (#16781)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Remove agent type from node details (#16627)


  • Add github status for rudder-language build (#16617)

Rudder language

  • rl logger (#16583)

  • Replace file headers to shorter spdx license identifier (#16593)

  • rl integration tests cleaned (#16580)

  • rl integration tests (#16484)

  • RL error handling - non blocking errors tool and error context capture (#16483)

Web - Config management

  • Add basic support for categories in techniques from technique editor (#16598)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: After upgrading from 5.0.16 to 6.0.3 on centos7 with plugins, jetty is stopped (#16797)

  • Fixed: Avoid moving ncf-api-venv config on SLES (#16796)

  • Fixed: When upgrading to 6.0.3 the packaging should disable all installed plugins (#16792)

  • Fixed: Error on plugins compatibility on upgrade cause the technique to not be updated (#16782)

  • Fixed: Missing restorecon in relay postinst for relayd file (#16766)

  • Fixed: rudder-upgrade refers to /opt/rudder/bin/rudder-pkg which doesn’t exists in 6.0 (#16761)

  • Fixed: When upgrading from 5.0 to 6.0 (on centos7), incompatible plugins are not disabled (#16735)

  • Fixed: After upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0 on centos7, rudder-slapd is not started (#16707)

  • Fixed: Getfacl warning at upgrade time (#16698)

  • Fixed: During upgrade, jetty doesn’t seems to always restart correctly (#12911)

  • Fixed: rudder-init fails when there are only IPv6 addresses (#16680)

  • Fixed: Restart rudder-jetty at the end of rudder-webapp postinst (#16642)

  • Fixed: Webapp postinst script in upgrade can fail with an agent error (#16631)

  • Fixed: In some upgrade paths, the Rudder config in /etc/ stays present (#16596)

  • Fixed: Typo in the rudder-server-relay rule file (#16571)

  • Fixed: At upgrade apache restart fail since webapp files are already unpacked (#16560)

  • Fixed: Missing failed folder for inventories on relays (#16550)

  • Fixed: Install logs of rudder-webapp are overwritten at the last install step (#16528)

  • Fixed: rudder reports installation fails on CentOS 7.7 because /var/log/rudder/install directory does not exist (#16519)

  • Fixed: Missing SELinux context on relayd config (#16771)

  • Fixed: We should not display logs about password creation by htpasswd in relay postinst (#16765)

  • Fixed: Use HTTPS repository URLs in maven configuration (#16651)

  • Fixed: Debian9 install fails due to rudder-init (#16561)

  • Fixed: Rudder agent 5.x package not compatible with Centos8 (#16521)

  • Fixed: Restore SELinux context for cert and nodeslist in reload script (#16769)

Server components

  • Fixed: 6.0 agents are unable to download their policies from a 5.0 server (#16576)

  • Fixed: Can not apply directives based on technique built only for non Linux systems if they do not contains conditions (#16810)

  • Fixed: Add an "upgrade-all" command to rudder-pkg (#16569)


  • Fixed: At install rudder-agent does not prompt the necessary steps to configure the agent (#16533)

  • Fixed: Method "exist_or_restore" in rudder agent check outputs an error message if the backup doesn’t exist (#16703)

  • Fixed: rudder agent health does not work on agent bootstrap nor on server before first run (#16588)


  • Fixed: Update install/upgrade docs for 6.0.3 (#16779)

  • Fixed: Inventory workflow schema is not up to date in 6.0 (#16708)

  • Fixed: Plugins architecture documentation is hard to find (#16639)

  • Fixed: Inventory workflow documentation outdated for Rudder 5.0 (#16679)

  • Fixed: Install command for plugin is wrong in the doc (#16545)

  • Fixed: Do not advise to run "rudder agent start" after installation (#16544)

Web - Technique editor

  • Fixed: HereString are not generated properly (#16817)

Web - Maintenance

  • Fixed: Error when restoring an archive in 6.0 (#16816)

  • Fixed: In zip archive, all files have size 0 (#16805)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Fixed: Add 6.0 inventories in rudder fusion test folder (#16804)

  • Fixed: If an inventory has no signature, the error message in log is thousands of line long (#16783)

  • Fixed: Missing log when inventory signature check fails (#16624)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: Missing timezone in reports caption header (#16777)

  • Fixed: Updating some settings leads to an eventlog with empty "Value" field (#16354)

Relay server or API

  • Fixed: Remote run always timeout for nodes behing relays (#16760)

  • Fixed: Parsing error of agent output when it contains warn of info logs (#16644)

  • Fixed: On centos8 relay, service relayd is not started after installation (#16509)

  • Fixed: Default relayd config should have disabled reporting output (#16511)

Architecture - Refactoring

  • Fixed: Compilation warning for unused variable in WriteTechniquesTest.scala (#16759)

Web - Compliance & node report

  • Fixed: Trigger remote run in node details says it timeouts (#16448)

  • Fixed: Set HTTPS mode to pure HTTPS for install, rather than HTTPS+syslogcompat (#16527)

System integration

  • Fixed: We still talk about cmdb-endpoint in rudder 6.0 properties (#16715)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Garbled generated policies in 6.0 (#16700)

  • Fixed: Archive of techniques miss some files needed for a the technique editor (#16582)


  • Fixed: Add authorized network configuration in settings api (#16667)

  • Fixed: Error when creating a directive with a given id from the API (#16592)

  • Fixed: Technique editor fails with internal error (#16701)

Performance and scalability

  • Fixed: NullPointerException with hundreds of inventories at once (#14991)

  • Fixed: Unecessary compliance computations when historization of Node Compliance is disabled (#16643)

  • Fixed: Unecessary compliance computations when historization of Node Compliance is disabled (#16643)

  • Fixed: CachedFindRuleNodeStatusReports is a huge source of contention (#16557)

  • Fixed: Unecessary call to trim on empty string when creating executionBatch (#16522)

  • Fixed: Node never updated because of nonEmpty in place of isEmpty (#16537)

  • Fixed: we should not use .size to check if a collection is empty (#16524)

  • Fixed: JVM GC cannot clean objects in scope in a for { } yield {} even if they are not referenced anymore (#16513)

  • Fixed: StatusReportTest leads to inconsistant results (#16496)


  • Fixed: Improve performance of policy generation writer (#16382)

  • Fixed: Message indicating plugin is incompatible at the end of every plugin install from the repo (#16630)

  • Fixed: Timeout for NuCommand test is too short (#16622)

  • Fixed: Merge error in #16606 (#16607)

Architecture - Dependencies

  • Fixed: Port Rudder to Scala 2.13 (#16491)


  • Fixed: 5.0.15 and lower agents can not update when managed by a 6.0+ server or relay (#16716)

System techniques

  • Fixed: Relays in 5.0 managed by a 6.0 root server are unable to send their reports (#16744)

  • Fixed: In HTTPS + syslog mode, agents without the http support (like 5.0) don’t have their syslog configured (#16710)

  • Fixed: After first relay configuration, allowed networks are not taken into account (#16553)

  • Fixed: Shared files are broken in relayd (#16549)

  • Fixed: Unexpected reports on postgresql when changing allowed network in 6.0 (#16530)

  • Fixed: Missing report on "Synchronize files" on simple relays when shared-files are empty (#16518)


  • Fixed: Technique SNMP installation doesn’t work on non-debian like system (#16689)

Generic methods

  • Fixed: New parameter_type option for GM are not detected (#16812)

  • Fixed: Command parameter should not be called "Command name" (#16645)

  • Fixed: Make error in no-reporting mode info instead of warns (#16608)

Technique editor - UI/UX

  • Fixed: Technique resource modifications do not activate the save button (#16573)

Generic methods - File Management

  • Fixed: Jinja2 templating script is always run with /usr/bin/python (#16120)

Generic methods - Package Management

  • Fixed: Package modules shebangs do not work when python3 is not installed in 6.0 (#16542)

  • Fixed: Package modules shebangs do not work when python3 is not installed (#16541)

  • Fixed: yum package module is not compatible with systems having only python2 (#16534)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Romain Brucker

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.0.2 (2020-01-10)



  • Document Amazon Linux support state (#16487)

Relay server or API

  • Add default values for relayd configs whenever possible (#16480)

  • Add a cleanup job for old reports and inventories in relayd (#16479)

Web - UI & UX

  • Display compliance bar in Node details (#16326)

  • Improve display of status in technical logs table (#15964)

Rudder language

  • Prettify output of rudder-lang compiler (#16461)

  • fuzzy matching to help with error messages (#16449)

Performance and scalability

  • Backport test on Hooks to 5.0 (#16438)

Web - Config management

  • Markdown numbered list description are not correctly rendered (#16303)


  • Add a cleanup job for old reports that have not been sent (#16242)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: Upgrade from 5.0.x to 6.0.x on debian fail because of conflicting file (#16500)

  • Fixed: Missing recursive option when removing old ncf hooks at rudder-upgrade (#16482)

  • Fixed: Remove unused webapp postinst parameters (#16471)

  • Fixed: Use binaries from /opt/rudder/bin in systemd services (#16459)

  • Fixed: We mention HTTP/S instead of HTTPS in install logs (#16485)

  • Fixed: Add Amazon Linux support to ncf and techniques (#12990)


  • Fixed: Inventory fails with errors on CentOS/RHEL 8 (#16457)

System integration

  • Fixed: Error about /var/rudder/reports/ready/ on CentOS when migrating from Rudder 5.0 to 6.0 (#16443)

  • Fixed: Webapp can’t connect to postgres before first agent run (#16450)

Server components

  • Fixed: Policy generation impossible after fresh install on Ubuntu 16.04 (due to ubuntu’s Java 9 package) (#16466)

  • Fixed: Output redirection of rudder-init is broken (#16472)

  • Fixed: Upgrade fails because we try to insert an LDAP property that is already there (#16464)


  • Fixed: Server install doc still mentions SLES 11 which is not supported anymore (#16469)

  • Fixed: Warn user about know bug in 6.0.1 and installation workaround (#16451)

Architecture - Refactoring

  • Fixed: We use not the correct InputStream at several place (#16492)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Missing stored git commit leads to fatal exception (#16493)

  • Fixed: Set HTTPS mode by default for new install, keep syslog for upgrade (#16458)

  • Fixed: Cannot import technique with missing component in 6.0 (#16383)

  • Fixed: Cannot add a parameter to an existing technique (#16453)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Fixed: Amazon Linux appears as "Other Linux 2" in nodes list (#16486)

Performance and scalability

  • Fixed: Computation of ComplianceLevel generates too many objects (#16468)

  • Fixed: A lot of data is computed and stored in Policy object, that is either never used, or used only once (#16467)


  • Fixed: HTTPS reporting setting not working (#16465)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: Title are too big in doc blocks of the settings page (#16113)

  • Fixed: Technique editor truncates the text in the generic method, even if the space is still available (#16101)

Rudder language

  • Fixed: Make paths configurable in the rudder-lang tester script (#16334)

System techniques

  • Fixed: Postinst scripts do not set the postgres password (#16475)

  • Fixed: Postgresql service name is not detected properly on SLES 12 (#16470)

  • Fixed: When syslog reporting is disabled, we should also remove remove_limits.conf from rsyslog config (#16116)


  • Fixed: Syntax error in line 99 (#16462)

Generic methods - Package Management

  • Fixed: zypper_pattern module does not work in python3 (#16278)

Technique editor - UI/UX

  • Fixed: "Technique diverges" popup is broken (#15558)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Laurent Santoul

  • Marius Rieck

  • Mike Kingsbury

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.0.1 (2019-12-20)



  • Upgrade agent to CFEngine 3.12.3 (#16369)


  • Add a test for CFEngine errors in relayd parser (#16302)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: try stopping jetty and slapd with init script before enabling then through systemd (#16426)

  • Fixed: rudder-server-relay has a non-existing dependency on RHEL8 (#16415)

  • Fixed: Upgrade script fails when some properties are missing from the inventory conf file (#16388)

  • Fixed: Rudder-agent postinst fails on non-systemd OS (#16387)

Web - Technique editor

  • Fixed: Technique are lost when a new one is created because of selinux (centos 7 and 8) (#16393)

  • Fixed: Technique editor access authorization seems incorect (#16386)


  • Fixed: Warn people that for now, upgrade of Rudder from 5.0 is broken (#16431)

  • Fixed: Update rudder-setup doc (#16373)

  • Fixed: Update release policy (#16358)


  • Fixed: Technique resource are not copied to the correct path (#16446)

  • Fixed: Missing report for "Installation" conponent in ssh technique (#16385)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: Missing timezone in generation "started at" (#16392)

  • Fixed: scroll-issue after policy-rebuild on the GUI (#16434)

  • Fixed: Wrong vertical alignement of numerous items (#16406)

  • Fixed: Incorrect hour display in node list’s last seen column (#16389)

  • Fixed: Title are too big in doc blocks of the settings page (#16113)

  • Fixed: "Reload techniques" button has a slighly different color (#16320)

Web - Compliance & node report

  • Fixed: Not report compliance because of scala.UninitializedFieldError (#16439)

Plugins integration

  • Fixed: Rudder-pkg fails to parse new plugin nightly version (#16422)

  • Fixed: Rudder-pkg fails to show installed plugins when they are not available in the configurated repo if any (#16398)

Server components

  • Fixed: Rudder package list command should not list plugins that are not available for the user (#16391)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Invalid value in class prefix when there is a double quote in parameter (#16384)

System techniques

  • Fixed: System techniques still refer to an historical file (#16436)


  • Fixed: syntax error in rudder server-disable-policy-distribution (#16444)

Technique editor - API

  • Fixed: Technique does not appear anymore if some ressources are defined (#16425)

Technique editor - UI/UX

  • Fixed: Make Result condition fields more readable (#16330)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Nigel Mundy

  • Marius Rieck

  • Romain Brucker

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.0.0 (2019-12-09)



  • Reduplicate cfengine binaries (#16344)

  • Use system curl and openssl on RHEL8 (#16080)

  • Automatically restart relayd in case of crash (#16081)

  • Stop listenning for inventories on port 80 (#16122)


  • 6.0 release in docs (#16375)

  • Render release notes in the changelog (#16300)

  • relayd admin guide (#16217)

  • Remove multiserver install procedure (#16209)

  • Document new reporting protocol (#16202)

  • Document inventory variables (#15596)

  • Update URL of our GPG key (#16329)

  • Update Rust environment setup instructions (#16196)

  • Update ncf README after merge into Rudder (#16097)

  • Fix link to external doc in technique editor (#16098)

Rudder language

  • Add license information to rudder-lang (#16305)

  • Improve rendering of rudder-lang readme (#16304)

Web - Config management

  • Add rollback to event log pagination (#15733)

  • Unsigned inventories must not be accepted anymore in 6.0 (#16260)

  • Display 'long' description as markdown (#16216)

Web - UI & UX

  • Regroup tabs from "Hardware" to "Virtual Machines" into one (#16223)

  • Make the "Add node property" form more visible (#16194)

  • Remove unnecessary borders and padding around the Technique Editor (#16188)

  • Improve current node details UI (#16087)

  • Update URLs to our websites (#16121)

Architecture - Dependencies

  • Upgrade to ZIO 1.0-RC17 (#16206)

System techniques

  • OpenSUSE should be detected as "suse" os family (#16249)

Technique editor - API

  • Type for parameters of methods in technique editor (#16314)

  • Make usable by rudder-lang (#15933)

Generic methods

  • Add verbosity level in the rudder logger (#15126)

Technique editor - UI/UX

  • Improve display of parameter name in technique editor (#16277)

Generic methods - Package Management

  • Improve zypper pattern error log (#15447)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: Debian 10 doesn’t know how to install java if it’s not already installed (#16366)

  • Fixed: service rudder-jetty is not activated after upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0 on centos7 (#16364)

  • Fixed: Upgrade script fails on unkown git branch (#16363)

  • Fixed: Empty maxsize parameter in ldap conf after update to 6.0 (#16350)

  • Fixed: rudder-webapp should obsolete rudder-inventory-endpoint (#16343)

  • Fixed: Add a dependency on semanage for relay on RHEL (#16335)

  • Fixed: LDAP error during upgrade (#15533)

  • Fixed: Missing dependency on systemd for recent Ubuntu/Debian systems (#14653)

  • Fixed: Postrm script want to use systemd on Ubuntu 14.04 (#14139)

  • Fixed: Inventory should not require the presence of /etc/profile (#16162)

  • Fixed: Upgrading Rudder 5.0.12 to 5.1-nightly on Debian9 fails (#15569)

  • Fixed: Metrics reporting is broken on CentOS 7 (#14798)

  • Fixed: Remove unused 'argparse' dependency in rudder-pkg (#11150)

  • Fixed: rudder-api-client is missing basic dh rule in its rule file (#16150)

  • Fixed: rudder-init reports that it is a distributed setup when its not with rudder 6.0 (#15987)

  • Fixed: On error, rudder-upgrade stops without error message (#14560)

  • Fixed: Broken relay shared-files cleanup cron (#16149)

  • Fixed: relay postinst fails on SLES15 (#16108)

  • Fixed: Systemd sandboxing options prevent remote-run from executing (#16148)


  • Fixed: At install agents are not printing anymore the mandatory configuration to do (#16318)

  • Fixed: Recommend bash-completion package with rudder-agent (#16239)

  • Fixed: Add http reporting agent capability (#16173)

  • Fixed: Allow disabling the agent without stopping cf-serverd (#15188)

  • Fixed: Remove wsgi from relay dependencies (#16157)

  • Fixed: Running /opt/rudder/bin/rudder-debug-info outside of /opt/rudder/bin fails (#14830)

  • Fixed: Rudder-metrics-report does not work in python3 (#16140)

  • Fixed: File content directive - Audit mode is not correctly supported (#11086)

  • Fixed: File content directive - Audit mode is not correctly supported (#11086)

  • Fixed: Add capabilities as base conditions (#15032)

  • Fixed: In https reporting mode, the agent outputs html raw text at the end of output (#16355)

  • Fixed: rudder agent script should reset locale to C (#16333)

  • Fixed: Rudder autocompletion does not complete automatically the inputs (#16250)

  • Fixed: Typo in rudder agent health output (#16229)

  • Fixed: Command rudder agent start shoud list activated/deactivated services (#16145)

  • Fixed: Cleanup disable server flag (#16170)

  • Fixed: "rudder server trigger-policy-generation/reload-groups" output a curl error if apache is stopped (#15535)

  • Fixed: We should not start agent daemons outside of the service (#16128)

  • Fixed: factory-reset does not work on AIX (#14574)

  • Fixed: Negative execution time on AIX (#12996)

  • Fixed: "rudder agent check" should not require /etc/profile presence (#16160)

  • Fixed: rudder relay start syntax error (#16159)

  • Fixed: Even when rudder agent is disabled, it runs cf-promises every 5 minutes (#15854)

Performance and scalability

  • Fixed: When the number of file descriptor openable at the same time is too low, we can get a confusing error at policy generation (#15630)

  • Fixed: On a loaded system, the compliance computation is fairly expensive (#16208)

  • Fixed: Log metrics about configuration object at start of generation (#16213)

  • Fixed: Inefficient computing of compliance on home page (#16201)

  • Fixed: Missing timing info in logs for Home Page (#16199)

  • Fixed: Big memory usage when fetching/writing node configuration and expected reports (#16083)

  • Fixed: Improve documentation in about backup folder (#16072)

  • Fixed: Rationalize the handling of variables during policy generation (#15798)

  • Fixed: Improve performance of logs parsing by rsyslog (#16255)

Relay server or API

  • Fixed: On relays /var/rudder/share files are not executable for group (#16136)

  • Fixed: Missing SELinux/systemd context for relayd on shared-files folder (#16227)


  • Fixed: Document reporting protocol options (#16284)

  • Fixed: Missing documentation on openssl incompatibilities between 4.x and 5.0 (#16224)

  • Fixed: Troubleshooting agent-server communication issues section in the doc is empty (#16268)

  • Fixed: Docs recommend using multiserver setup while its benefit may be dubious (#16207)

  • Fixed: Backup procedure documentation is incorrect (#15271)

  • Fixed: Debian/Ubuntu install doc fails if lsb_release is not installed (#14632)

  • Fixed: Document that a plugin is required for user roles and LDAP authentification (#14812)

  • Fixed: Document the usage of environment variables during installation (#10015)

  • Fixed: Typo in link to mustache method (#14633)

  • Fixed: Display 6.0 as 6.0-beta in doc menu (#16156)

  • Fixed: Missing link to the beginning of the guide in getting strated home page (#15408)

  • Fixed: Document that a full policy regeneration is necessary after a backup restauration (#15984)

  • Fixed: Use MB instead of mB for megabytes in the doc (#14161)

  • Fixed: Document specific purging configuration for log_* reports (#15974)

  • Fixed: Document the hook that triggers an agent run on update (#14332)

  • Fixed: How to setup a development’s environment doc (#16141)

  • Fixed: Document that variable_dict_from_file_type#csv needs CRLF (#15657)

  • Fixed: Fix internal doc links in generic methods (#16092)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: Race condition in technique variable filling (#16374)

  • Fixed: policy generation logs still mention promises (#16307)

  • Fixed: The "migrate" field should not be displayed on directive creation (#14859)

  • Fixed: Audit/Enforce button in directive page should be similar to node page (#13531)

  • Fixed: Mark configuration-repository git repo options deprecated (#13870)

  • Fixed: Dubious duplicate log message about hook (#16091)

Web - Compliance & node report

  • Fixed: error when searching by date on Technical Logs (#16353)

  • Fixed: Deadlock on compliance computing (#16256)

  • Fixed: Error when retrieving reports at application start (#16189)

  • Fixed: Directive appear in "mixed" mode in a rule applied on only one node (#14379)

  • Fixed: Rule tag is "Enforce" whereas it has both enforce and audit nodes (#15124)

  • Fixed: Deleted directives are not always removed from rule (and are then not actionnable) (#14790)

  • Fixed: No compliance from a Rule with only one Directive (from a technique created in the editor) when the Directive is also applied in another Rule (#11917)

Web - Technique editor

  • Fixed: Default values of parameters in methods cannot be used in technique editor (#16316)

  • Fixed: Close button in Generic Method tab is not working (#16019)

  • Fixed: We can save a technique with empty name when we add a resource (#16135)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Fixed: UI settings for new certificate validation system variable (#16306)

  • Fixed: Exception "fiberFailed" when running agent from UI (#16222)

  • Fixed: Error in group page when searching "Last inventory date" + "is defined" (#14267)

  • Fixed: In node details, clicking on policy server id redirect to original node (#15953)

System integration

  • Fixed: Set HTTP reporting protocol by default on new rudder 6.0 installation (#16294)

  • Fixed: Nova license path in log is misleading for plugin licenses (#15989)

  • Fixed: Remove deprecated rudder property configuration options (#16166)

  • Fixed: We still have an LDAP entry "ou=Nodes Configuration,…​" which is not used anymore (#15878)

  • Fixed: os.makedirs 'exist_ok' parameter does not exist in python 2.7 (#16161)

  • Fixed: Not all rudder-related reports are sent to /var/log/rudder/reports/all.log (#16214)

  • Fixed: On centos7 fresh install, generation fails because relayd is not started (#16104)

Rudder language

  • Fixed: Fix warnings in rudder-language (#16308)

Web - Maintenance

  • Fixed: Filtering on eventlogs doesn’t filter (#15944)

  • Fixed: JS Error when setting the "Send anonymous usage statistics " value (#13508)

Architecture - Internal libs

  • Fixed: Deadlock when application starts (#16291)


  • Fixed: Could not get Group tree details through API (#16269)

  • Fixed: We cannot get the rules categories with the API (#16164)

Plugins integration

  • Fixed: Rudder package fails on a python error (#16261)

  • Fixed: Plugin id on plugin page should be more human-friendly (#11101)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: Inconsistent capitalization in menu items (#16210)

  • Fixed: In Node settings, "override global value" fields should have the same display (#16191)

  • Fixed: Accepted inventory without matching rudder node appears in quicksearch (#14431)

  • Fixed: OS version sort in nodes list is broken (#14433)

  • Fixed: Folded subsections in directive forms are not visible enough (#15107)

  • Fixed: If an LDAP attribute is missing the related LDAP errors are not reported in UI (silent fail) (#10067)

  • Fixed: Improve Rules tabs visibility (#11644)

Server components

  • Fixed: If a relay is deleted (via node→delete), its system rule remains (#14464)

  • Fixed: Remote run does not try to use the system token (#13825)


  • Fixed: When the api authorization plugin is disabled tokens become read only (#12440)

System techniques

  • Fixed: We need to restart rudder-jetty when ldap password is updated (#16332)

  • Fixed: Agent policy loading is done in the wrong order (#16288)

  • Fixed: Agent is not correctly aborted when repaired is happening in audit mode (#16178)

  • Fixed: system technique to update ldap passwords fails (#16107)


  • Fixed: Creating a user without home directory fails (#11013)

  • Fixed: The file from Rudder server technique may change permission of the destination parent directory instead of the file (#13612)

Generic methods

  • Fixed: condition_from_commands is not running any command in audit mode (#16359)

  • Fixed: Add a generic method to escape regex chars in a string (#16275)

  • Fixed: Using ${match.x} in generic method causes an error message in the agent output, and prevents multiple reporting based on this generic method (#14286)

  • Fixed: Missing edit_lines promises in dry-run lib (#16181)

  • Fixed: http_request_content_headers test tries to get content from a removed site (#16082)

  • Fixed: Fix unexpected report in osquery method (#15658)

Technique editor - UI/UX

  • Fixed: Clicking twice on "New technique" in the editor breaks the method drag and drop (#16118)

  • Fixed: Technique editor is broken due to a js error (#16187)

  • Fixed: Deleting a technique in the technique editor just after its creation fails (#15178)

Technique editor - API

  • Fixed: Custom methods don’t appear in technique editor anymore (#16336)

  • Fixed: Wrong condition on component used when importing technique (#16323)

  • Fixed: Prevent setting an empty report component (#15509)

Generic methods - File Management

  • Fixed: ACLS methods are not working in recurse mode (#16220)

  • Fixed: Copying a file to a directory using the "file_from_shared_folder" method results in a success report even if nothing is done (#16267)

  • Fixed: Do not store response when response code is an error in file_fom_http_server (#12780)

Generic methods - Service Management

  • Fixed: Service reload tests are failing in 6.0 on debian like systems (#16271)

  • Fixed: Ensure service (re)started does now work if systemd hit "start-limit" (#11587)

Generic methods - Package Management

  • Fixed: Missing report in "Package check installed" generic methods (#16137)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Tobias Ell

  • Janos Mattyasovszky

  • P C

  • Hamlyn Mootoo

  • Jean Cardona

  • Jérémy HOCDÉ

  • Mikaël Mantel

  • Didier METRAL

  • Nigel Mundy

  • Alexandre BRIANCEAU

  • Florian Heigl

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

Rudder 6.0.0.beta1 (2019-11-04)



  • Cleanup rudder-upgrade (#15875)

  • Cleanup roles in packaging (#15829)

  • Add trace parameters to make calls during build (#15729)

  • Increase default password size for db passwords (#15683)

  • Cleanup packages postinstall (#15388)

  • Cleanup webapp postinstall (#15379)

  • Cleanup rudder-init (#15338)

  • Merge rudder-ldap with rudder-webapp (#14989)

  • Remove maven dependency at package time (#14973)

  • Remove automatic provides generation from rpm packages (#14982)

  • change rudder-webapp to be arch dependant (#14950)

  • Deduplicate cfengine binaries (#14872)

  • Not all ncf source should be included in rudder-webapp (#14913)

  • Move away from python 2 to python 3 (#14881)

  • Remove cf-monitord to save space (#14837)

  • Cleanup rudder agent postinst (#14836)

  • Beautify pg_hba.conf (#14780)

  • Remove initial promises from rudder agent package (#14182)

  • Remove initial promises from rudder agent package (#14182)

  • Remove jdk installation on debian8 builder (#14761)

  • Cleanup rudder-packages (#14749)

  • Declare rpm dependencies is SPECS directory (#14711)

  • Upgrade FusionInventory to 2.4.3 (#14424)

  • Try faster builds with parallel make (#14108)

  • Rename rudder-inventory-ldap to rudder-ldap (#14071)

  • Move rudder-jetty service to a systemd unit (#14021)

  • Upgrade embedded openldap to 2.4.47 (#14016)

  • Move rudder-slapd to a systemd unit (#14006)

  • Update rudder packages to match modern packaging recommendation (#14001)

  • Merge packages into one (#13852)

  • There are some remaining rudder-agent-thin references in packaging (#13980)

  • Confine relayd with SELinux (#15500)

  • Disable lto for relayd release builds (#15909)

  • Cache relayd builds (#15880)

  • Add hardening config in relayd systemd unit (#15521)

  • Remove relayd tests from qa-test (#15254)

  • Add shellcheck linting to shell scripts in the rudder repo (#14685)

  • Remove local doc build when installing ncf (#14990)

  • package modules must autodetect python version (#14912)


  • Cleanup rudder-webapp install scripts (#15677)

Support info script

  • Detect any .rpmnew files in rudder-support-info (#10512)

  • Add a check for refusal message in syslog (#8567)

  • Test agent runtime for runs > 5min (#8596)

  • Only check recent failed inventories on the server (#8582)

  • Low free space on disk should be a warning and not an error (#8579)


  • Remove our patch that send agent errors to stderr (#14863)

  • Add autocompletion to rudder-pkg (#15502)

  • Make certificate verification in HTTP calls configurable (#15513)

  • Fix command used to reload relay config (#15940)

  • Improve rudder remote run command (#15816)

  • Execute a single directive on the agent (#15223)

  • Execute a single directive on the agent (#15223)

  • Add a command to show agent auth info (#8552)

  • Add rudder relay commands (#15330)

  • Main rudder agent command should bootstrap if promises are empty (#15299)

  • We should stop rudder agent check if the agent is disabled (#15300)

  • Replace cfengine bootstrap by rudder bootstrap (#15266)

  • Use rudder agent check at postinst and factory reset to avoid duplicating code (#14833)

  • Clean up rudder agent check (#14831)

  • Remove deprecated agent-reinit command (#14063)


  • Add a link to the backup doc at the beginning of upgrade procedure (#16073)

  • Improve generic method docs (#16034)

  • Add rudder-pkg notes to the 6.0 rudder doc (#15950)

  • Document that 6.0 upgrade is only possible from 5.0 (#15972)

  • Add relay API to doc menu (#15889)

  • Adapt doc for 6.0 (#15845)

  • Update doc for 5.1 (#15452)

  • Add upgrade note about the change of behaviour of condition_from_command starting 5.1 (#15193)

  • Add the security vulnerability reporting policy to the rudder repo (#15026)

  • Add a contribution guide to the Rudder repo (#14878)

  • Improve Rudder README in the repo (#14283)

  • Remove site (#16067)

Relay server or API

  • Improve relayd tests (#16066)

  • Enable backtrace in relayd (#16063)

  • Don’t fail on nodeslist or certificate file absence (#15992)

  • Simplify error type definitions (#15949)

  • Refector api code in relayd (#15883)

  • Improve status API (#15866)

  • Remove avoidable dependencies (#15664)

  • Update structopt (#15610)

  • Add inventory forwarding on relays in relayd (#15497)

  • Split API tests and fix tracing depency versions (#15489)

  • Move rudder-pkg to rudder repo (#14943)

  • Forward reports to upper relays in relayd (#15435)

  • Make the remote run agent parameters configurable (#15196)

  • Make the remote run agent parameters configurable (#15196)

  • Implementing agents effectively in remote-run API (#15056)

  • Implementing agents effectively in remote-run API (#15056)

  • Split logging configuration (#15077)

Web - UI & UX

  • Show log information next to reports and full compliance report (#15713)

  • Add technique ID in UI (#15672)

  • Display key info in node details (#15358)

  • Change introduction and description fields look in Rudder web interface (#15587)

  • Add a Button to trigger an agent run through the UI (#14647)

Web - Config management

  • Add search/pagination to eventlogs UI (#15148)

  • Add managed/technique private files for technique editor (#14657)

  • Add managed/technique private files for technique editor (#14657)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Merge inventory endpoint and rudder webapps (#15752)

Architecture - Refactoring

  • Keep directive and rule name in Policy data structure (#15255)

  • Correct scala compilation warnings (#15574)

  • Clean-up cfengine enterprise code in webapp (#15257)

  • Use ZIO for effect management in Rudder (#14870)

  • Change Scala project structure so that parent-pom is a real parent project (#14359)


  • Updating Apache’s reverse proxy configuration to handle HTTPS requests on remote-run API (#15536)

  • Deprecate API up to 10 (#15353)

  • Migrate ncf write technique api to Rudder (#15134)

System integration

  • List all plugin in plugin status page (#15556)

Plugins integration

  • Display warning when plugin license is near expiration date (#15568)

  • Take care of number of nodes in plugin license check (#15275)

Architecture - Dependencies

  • Update silencer plugin to version 1.4 (#15302)

  • Upgrade to ZIO rc5 (#15040)

  • Upgrade to Doobie .0.6.0 and related dependencies (#14598)

Performance and scalability

  • Don’t archive reports anymore on Rudder 5.1 (#14862)

Web - Compliance & node report

  • Remove red button code from rudder (#14054)

System techniques

  • Remove ununsed nodeslist.json in /opt/rudder/etc (#16015)

  • Cleanup roles in system techniques (#15757)

  • Use ncf abort handler when agent is disable (#15160)

  • Remove nova-specific cron job from system techniques (#15258)

  • Remove unencrypted body files (#14353)

  • Remove ncf.conf usage (#14193)

  • Abort when running 5.1 policies on old agent (#14135)

  • Remove rudder-lib from techniques (#14124)

  • Cleanup reporting from rudder-techniques (#13999)

  • Cleanup rudder promises generated (#13992)

  • Remove template in system techniques (#13983)

  • Remove minicurl references in rudder techniques (#13973)

  • Replave the NOVA system variable with a simple condition (#13979)

  • Remove ncf.conf (#14191)

  • Remove ncf.conf (#14191)


  • Remove license header in techniques (#15704)

  • Add the User techniques category to the technique packaging (#15380)

  • Migrate rudder_common_classes bundle to classes_generic (#14993)

  • Cleanup old OS classes in techniques (#14874)

  • Deprecated techniques before 5.1 (#13988)

  • Remove technique tools in Rudder 5.1 (#13974)

  • Remove windows reference in rudder techniques (#13971)

  • Drop support of the module check_zypper_version (#13976)

  • Remove deprecated techniques un 5.1 (#13972)


  • Force TLS1.2 communication between agent and server (#14786)

Technique editor - UI/UX

  • Replace "Technique restored from current session" message by notification (#16023)

  • Make it possible to edit several methods in parallel (#15145)

  • Improve parameters' UI in Technique editor (#15136)

  • Make a new Technique Editor interface (#15336)

Generic methods

  • Synchronize package modules from masterfiles (#14915)

  • Remove 60_services and dispatcher from ncf (#14192)

  • Split ncf_lib like cfengine lib (#14128)

  • Split ncf_lib like cfengine lib (#14128)

  • Move stuff from rudder-lib into ncf (#14125)

  • Move generic stuff from techniques into ncf (#14000)

  • Remove windows reference in ncf (#13970)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: Packaging files for rudder-api-client in 5.0 are not correct (#16057)

  • Fixed: Remove debug pprint from rudder-pkg (#15985)

  • Fixed: Unwanted systemctl output in rudder-reports postinst (#15979)

  • Fixed: rudder-api-client should not depend of python2 on redhat8 (#15936)

  • Fixed: cache may ignore some change within dependencies patches (#15881)

  • Fixed: Missing python build dependencies for rudder-api-client on debian builds (#15922)

  • Fixed: build-caching cache the same thing twice (#15911)

  • Fixed: ldap build should not use --debug (#15879)

  • Fixed: curl doesnt fail on 404 during packaging (#15865)

  • Fixed: Remove rudder-api-client/SOURCES/Makefile in 6.0 (#15861)

  • Fixed: /var/rudder/reports/failed is not created at install (#15825)

  • Fixed: is list as conf file but we removed it (#15805)

  • Fixed: Wrong path for inventory.schema in Makefile (#15803)

  • Fixed: Apache modules needed by rudder-webapp are listed in a file which is not included in the apache conf file (#15753)

  • Fixed: packages fail to build on rpm (#15726)

  • Fixed: Wrong python version used in rudder-server-relay build (#15720)

  • Fixed: server 5.1 take too long to install (#15721)

  • Fixed: rudder-api-client packaging fails to execute make clean (#15716)

  • Fixed: Rudder api client expect python3 which is not available by default on rhel7 (#15711)

  • Fixed: rudder-api-client fails to build on rpm (#15709)

  • Fixed: Missing build dependencies on rpm based distros for rudder-api-client (#15701)

  • Fixed: rudder-init does duplicate things with postinst (#15700)

  • Fixed: Rudder-api-client packaging fails on rpm based system (#15695)

  • Fixed: apache fails to start (#15693)

  • Fixed: mod_proxy is not enabled in a relay (#15690)

  • Fixed: Wrong Makefile in rudder-api-client (#15671)

  • Fixed: Rudder-api-client changelog points to rudder-server-root (#15669)

  • Fixed: Missing SOURCES directory in rudder-packages/rudder-api-client (#15624)

  • Fixed: At installation Rudder-webapp only creates rudder-slapd and ncf-api-venv users but do not force group creation (#15649)

  • Fixed: add a prerm script to rudder-server-relay (#15566)

  • Fixed: Warning about systemd script during upgrade of rudder-agent 5.1 on centos7 (#15532)

  • Fixed: Rights of ncf-api-venv home are not correct (at least on debian 9) preventing usage of technique editor (#15508)

  • Fixed: Python deps for rudder-pkg are listed in build-depends instead of depends (#15495)

  • Fixed: error during upgrade of rudder 5.1 nightly on a centos 7 (#15455)

  • Fixed: Rudder init is not done in post install (#15409)

  • Fixed: timestamp script is not executable (#15402)

  • Fixed: upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 fails (#15391)

  • Fixed: /var/rudder/configuration-repository/ncf should not be checked anymore by rudder-fix-repository-permissions (#15373)

  • Fixed: Rudder fails to build on 5.1 (#15347)

  • Fixed: Agent doesn’t know when it is installed on a root server on rpm distro (#15335)

  • Fixed: Selinux policy application fails in rudder-webapp postinst (#14794)

  • Fixed: ncf api fails to run on python 3 (#15304)

  • Fixed: Rudder 5.1 fails to build because of #15142 (#15175)

  • Fixed: Add back java dependency on SLES12 for 5.1 (#15072)

  • Fixed: Technique editor apache conf is misplaced on RHEL (#15071)

  • Fixed: rudder-server-webapp depends on jdk >= 1.8 on sles15 but the package is no longer distributed (#15068)

  • Fixed: Server install on 5.1 depends of libpq which does not exist on debian based distros (#15066)

  • Fixed: Agent 5.1 fails to build on rhel6 and aix (#15059)

  • Fixed: Add a placeholder in SOURCES dir for relay package (#15043)

  • Fixed: Extract sources before fixing python version inscripts (#15030)

  • Fixed: midding build dependencies for rhel8 (#14901)

  • Fixed: Add dev dependencies for virtualenv (#14899)

  • Fixed: Broken install script in 5.1 rpm agent (#14865)

  • Fixed: Packaging fails at test step (#14769)

  • Fixed: debian server 5.1 packages won’t build (#14759)

  • Fixed: Postgresql misconfigured when not the default distrib package (ex: Centos 6 with Postgresql 9.3 from (#14744)

  • Fixed: Package for slackware doesn’t build (#14745)

  • Fixed: Remove localdepends target in packages.makfile (#14674)

  • Fixed: Remove http1.1 parameter from curl (#14671)

  • Fixed: linker error during agent build (#14639)

  • Fixed: Force http 1.1 when downloading curl (#14158)

  • Fixed: rudder-reports postinstall fails on redhat (#14133)

  • Fixed: rpm build error (#14118)

  • Fixed: Postinstall 5.1 fails (#14113)

  • Fixed: debian rudder-webapp fails to install (#14101)

  • Fixed: rudder-server-relay fail to build (#14085)

  • Fixed: rudder-server-relay fail to build (#14084)

  • Fixed: Curl is not a rudder-server-root dependency (#14070)

  • Fixed: rudder-server-relay fail to build (#14081)

  • Fixed: rudder inventory ldap build fail (#14079)

  • Fixed: specfile syntax error (#14078)

  • Fixed: debian packages fail to build (#14076)

  • Fixed: Error when building rudder-server-relay (#14075)

  • Fixed: bad syntax during rpm build (#14074)

  • Fixed: remove rudder-slapd-configure from installation (#14072)

  • Fixed: builds fail to get (#14068)

  • Fixed: Missing cd sourcedir in specfiles (#14067)

  • Fixed: 5.1 fails to build for rpm (#14066)

  • Fixed: Missing /var/rudder/lib/relay dir in packaging (#16052)

  • Fixed: New techniques are not added to directive tree (#14354)

  • Fixed: Incorrect permission on /var/rudder/reports (#15810)

  • Fixed: add a prerm script to rudder-server-relay (#15566)

  • Fixed: Missing directories in relay install target (#15555)

  • Fixed: Typo in rudder Makefile (#15480)

  • Fixed: relay api doesn’t support python2 and python 3 (#15399)

  • Fixed: rudder-server-relay fails during postinstall (#15374)

  • Fixed: Invalid cron file put by packaging (#14559)

  • Fixed: slapd conf file owner is not correct (#15047)

  • Fixed: Wrong check of response in rudder relay reload (#16058)


  • Fixed: Postinst of rudder-agent on centos6 tries to use systemd (#15937)

  • Fixed: agent reset keys won’t work anymore on 5.1 (#15339)

  • Fixed: Agent inventory are refused by the webapp since they do not contains the agent certificate (#15325)

  • Fixed: Rudder commands complain because of a missing rudder.json (#15282)

  • Fixed: Initial promises are failing to execute since some bundles are not included (#15323)

  • Fixed: agents in 5.1 fail to download ncf from the server (#15322)

  • Fixed: agents in 5.1 fail to download ncf from the server (#15320)

  • Fixed: HTTPS reporting is not done at first run if agent runs with -u (#15997)

  • Fixed: Error at /opt/rudder/bin/rudder relay reload -p (#15995)

  • Fixed: Ununderstandable error messages when server is not up and agent is installed (#15901)

  • Fixed: Factory-reset does not reset uuid and certificates (#15401)

  • Fixed: Explain in the doc that no reports are sent in verbose or debug mode (#15474)

  • Fixed: Rudder agent disable command has a -s option, that is not parsed (#15460)

  • Fixed: reload relay command should use POST (#15426)

  • Fixed: "rudder agent check" should check certificate subject, and update it if it is wrong (#15332)

  • Fixed: Syntax error in rudder agent check (#15329)

  • Fixed: Broken curl command in agent (#15231)

  • Fixed: reset and check commands break server in some cases (#15031)

Relay server or API

  • Fixed: Rudder-pkg setup conf files in the wrong places (#15470)

  • Fixed: relayd should stop when a thread panics (#16076)

  • Fixed: HTTP errors when forwarding reports or inventories should generally be considered as transient (#16065)

  • Fixed: Remote-run sometimes returns empty outpout or output with missing newlines (#16047)

  • Fixed: Remote-run starts commands with no host name (#16044)

  • Fixed: Passwords can appear in relayd logs (#16040)

  • Fixed: Add logging contexts (#16001)

  • Fixed: Add benchmarks for big nodes lists (#16013)

  • Fixed: Receiving a report for an unkown node crashes the watcher (#15999)

  • Fixed: Remote-run returns empty output (#15990)

  • Fixed: Fix async & keep_output behavior (#15836)

  • Fixed: relayd should accept empty condition field in remote-run (#15832)

  • Fixed: Incorrect remote run command when used with sudo (#15814)

  • Fixed: Fix synchronous remote run (#15808)

  • Fixed: Fix PUT in shared-files API (#15668)

  • Fixed: Update relayd dependencies to fix RUSTSEC-2019-0013 (#15597)

  • Fixed: Make clean doesn’t remove all python files downloaded and generated on rudder-relay (#15490)

  • Fixed: rudder-pkg python lib are missplaced on the server (#15483)

  • Fixed: Report PUT is missing the file name (#15482)

  • Fixed: rudder-pkg does not install properly (#15476)

  • Fixed: Remove \r in reports in relayd (#15467)

  • Fixed: postinstall of rudder-server-relay may fail if httpd is too slow to shut down (#15444)

  • Fixed: relayd watcher does not catch moved files (#15427)

  • Fixed: relayd should only control run date consistency inside the runlog (#15425)

  • Fixed: Only treat file with report extension in relayd (#15405)

  • Fixed: Add logs to Relay API (#14947)

  • Fixed: Add logs to Relay API (#14947)

  • Fixed: Relay packages uses python3 to build virtualenv (#14897)

  • Fixed: Modify urllib3 import to disable useless pylint warning (#14684)

  • Fixed: relayd fails to start on centos7 du to invalid permissions on nodeslist.json (#16059)

Support info script

  • Fixed: script debug info (#15366)

  • Fixed: Add a check for refusal message in syslog (#15367)

  • Fixed: support-info script don’t list installed plugin (#12805)


  • Fixed: User manual doesn’t mention Debian wheezy support (#4124)

  • Fixed: Use systemctl for rudder services management in docs (#15968)

  • Fixed: Add a link to old docs (#15928)

  • Fixed: Fix dead links in the doc (#15884)

  • Fixed: Doc links in home should point to 5.0 and not 6.0 (#15855)

  • Fixed: Missing 5.0 changelog in docs (#15618)

  • Fixed: Prepare 5.1 doc (#15612)

  • Fixed: Fix title levels in docs (#16036)

  • Fixed: ncf site does not build (#14105)

System techniques

  • Fixed: Agent bootstraping does not work on root server (#14788)

  • Fixed: Typo in the system technique PropagatePromises (#16064)

  • Fixed: Initial policies on root server broken with missing file (#16028)

  • Fixed: In a separate database setup, an unexpected N/A report about "Postgresql component check" pops up (#15993)

  • Fixed: Error in agent run about missing variable (#15464)

  • Fixed: doesn’t exist anymore but is still loaded (#15899)

  • Fixed: Duplicate report in distributePolicy/1.0/ (#15830)

  • Fixed: Missing template for relayd conf in the initial promises (#15821)

  • Fixed: Bootstrap policies should listen on 5309 (#15818)

  • Fixed: Allow local cfruncommand on root server (#15820)

  • Fixed: Initial promises contain an empty allowed network (#15779)

  • Fixed: More typos in system techniques (#15750)

  • Fixed: typo in server-roles/1.0/ (#15748)

  • Fixed: Anomalous ending during agent inventory (#15694)

  • Fixed: RUDDER_WEBDAV_PASSWORD from /opt/rudder/etc/rudder-passwords.conf is ignored (#15682)

  • Fixed: missing report about Send inventories to Rudder server (#15496)

  • Fixed: duplicate report form component "Log system for reports" when report protocol is https (#15485)

  • Fixed: When HTTPS reporting is selected, rsyslog is still active and so reports are duplicated on the server (#15446)

  • Fixed: Syntax error in (#15415)

  • Fixed: Broken reports forwaring policy (#15404)

  • Fixed: In 5.1 common policies always return a missing reports on the server (#15334)

  • Fixed: Don’t set root owner on slapd config (#15326)

  • Fixed: Wrong variable name when downloading inital promises from the server (#15316)

  • Fixed: at install on the server on centos7, is empty, and so, there are missing bundles when running the agent (#15309)

  • Fixed: Fix broken 5.1 techniques (#15044)

  • Fixed: No reports from nodes in Rudder 5.1 due to bad location of check_rsyslog_version (#14352)

  • Fixed: missing reports in rudder 5.1 because of undefined distribute_policy_common.directiveId (#14350)

  • Fixed: Syntax error in policy generation in 5.1 (#14242)

  • Fixed: cf-agent aborted on defined class 'should_not_continue' (#14157)

  • Fixed: server install fail on agent check (#14123)

  • Fixed: System techniques are invalid in 5.1 (#14114)

  • Fixed: Deleted stdlib files are still loaded in initial policies (#14102)

  • Fixed: Making initial promises from rudder-techniques fails (#14069)

Web - UI & UX

  • Fixed: Date handling in API Token Creation is broken (#15943)

  • Fixed: Login page on Rudder 6.0 shows version 5.1 (#15941)

  • Fixed: Missing notification for archive page (#15315)

  • Fixed: Generation status is empty and grey at every connection (#15307)

  • Fixed: Fix rudder-elm notifications init (#15438)

Server components

  • Fixed: Rudder-pkg fails to build since subprocess.DEVNULL is undefined before python 3.3 (#16077)

  • Fixed: Cannot start relayd (#15434)

  • Fixed: Error while fixing 15748 (#15774)

  • Fixed: Rudde server debug in 5.1 has a typo in it (#15318)

Plugins integration

  • Fixed: Rudder package does not work when there are no plugin compatible with the current version of Rudder (#15952)

  • Fixed: Rudder-pkg try to copy a folder with install command instead of using a recursive cp (#15481)

  • Fixed: Remove tabulate python lib from rudder pkg (#15463)

Technique editor - Techniques

  • Fixed: Policy generation is broken when using condition on generic methds (#16069)

  • Fixed: ressources are not correctly referenced in technique (#16039)

  • Fixed: Resources in technique are not put in the correct folder (#16033)

Web - Technique editor

  • Fixed: Error message in technique editor when using wrong syntax for node properties is REALLY not clear enough (#15048)

  • Fixed: Policy generation fails when we have technique ressources (#16008)

  • Fixed: In rudder 5.1 we can no more put multiple lines in technique editor fields (#15314)

  • Fixed: Cannot delete file and folder in file editor (#16029)

  • Fixed: Drag’N Drop not working for generic method (#16037)

  • Fixed: Import file button is still active when the panel is hide (#16035)

  • Fixed: Show/Hides docs in technique editor doesn’t do anything (#16016)

Web - Config management

  • Fixed: nodeslist.json can take up to 5 minutes to be updated after accepting a node (#16017)

  • Fixed: Generation fails with: RejectedExecutionException'. Perhaps the thread pool was stopped? (#15981)

  • Fixed: MANAGED_NODES_NAME is still needed for CFE nodes (#15355)

  • Fixed: Webapp stops at ncf boot check (#15159)


  • Fixed: Dynamic group based on another dynamic group don’t work correctly in 6.0 (#16010)

  • Fixed: Unexpected crash of webapp on 6.0 (#16004)

Web - Nodes & inventories

  • Fixed: add a test on group of groups (#16030)

  • Fixed: Empty keyhashes in nodeslist.json on Linux nodes (#15547)

  • Fixed: Wrong name for all nodes certificates files (#15403)

  • Fixed: When receving pleinty of inventories at the same time, the web interface starts to parse them all at once (#15012)

  • Fixed: Broken certificate handling in Unix nodes (#15331)

  • Fixed: DecoderException: unable to decode base64 string: invalid characters encountered in base64 data (#15034)

Performance and scalability

  • Fixed: Webapp does not start when only one proc is available (deadlock) (#15982)

  • Fixed: Use extends AnyVal and remove HashCodeCaching for classes with one parameter (#15797)

  • Fixed: Computing dynamic groups is very memory intensive, and can lead to FGC or OOM (#15858)

  • Fixed: Use a queue for "changes" cache update (#15117)

System integration

  • Fixed: Missing some logger documentation in logback.xml (#15916)

  • Fixed: Webapp fails to boot (several time) (#15324)

  • Fixed: Test in 5.1 for webapp are broken (#15364)

  • Fixed: Policy generation error is not clear in log anymore (#15313)

  • Fixed: Remove unused property "base_url" (#14932)

  • Fixed: When switching to HTTPS reporting, the compliance of root server is broken because it receives both https and syslog (#16002)

Architecture - Refactoring

  • Fixed: Normalize datetime format to ISO8601/rfc3339 (#15896)

  • Fixed: Missing a fork for clean report info batch (#15849)

  • Fixed: Port string template processing to zio (#15260)

  • Fixed: Upgrade to ZIO new namespace (#15100)

Architecture - Dependencies

  • Fixed: Update libraries to last minor versions (#15740)


  • Fixed: Wrong path in shared-files API (#15552)

  • Fixed: Unknown option in remote-run command (#15501)

  • Fixed: Verifying signatures correctly in shared-files API (#15469)

  • Fixed: Handle ttl parameter correctly in shared-files API (#15456)

  • Fixed: upgrade API settings to v12 to include default report protocol and syslog protocol disabled (#15472)

  • Fixed: Running remote-run as sudo during runtime (#15390)

  • Fixed: Adding Windows shared folder feature to shared-file API (#15360)

  • Fixed: API for node key management (#15344)

  • Fixed: Sending & Receiving files with the shared-files API (#15253)

  • Fixed: Validating signatures in shared-files API (#15247)

  • Fixed: Limiting conditions length to 1024 characters (#15245)

  • Fixed: public key and key-hash comparison not consistent in Rust’s version of shared-file API (#15233)

  • Fixed: public key and key-hash comparison not consistent in Rust’s version of shared-file API (#15233)

  • Fixed: public key and key-hash comparison not consistent in Rust’s version of shared-file API (#15233)

  • Fixed: Handling keept_output and asynchronous parameters in the remote-run API (#15206)

  • Fixed: Logging the remote-run API with warp (#15202)

  • Fixed: support "classes" and "conditions" as parameters in the remote-run API (#15201)


  • Fixed: Guard against non-audit mode on node (#15431)

  • Fixed: Relayd configuration is world-readable (#15523)


  • Fixed: Missing reports on system techniques in 6.0 for postgresql component check (#15994)

  • Fixed: Use "rudder agent run" instead of cf-agent (#14873)

  • Fixed: Use new package methods in techniques (#13998)

Technique editor - UI/UX

  • Fixed: Cannot create Technique with resources (#15598)

  • Fixed: We cannot delete parameters (#16027)

  • Fixed: Fix file manager navbar’s display (#15604)

  • Fixed: Fix Technique Editor loading message (#15600)

  • Fixed: Popups display is broken (#15445)

  • Fixed: Improve the Generic methods list of the new interface (#15396)

Generic methods - File Management

  • Fixed: file_from_shared_folder generic methods fails to report (#15983)

Generic methods

  • Fixed: variable_string_match tests are failing on old systems (#15971)

  • Fixed: Reformat some cfengine classes bodies in ncf_lib.ncf in 5.1 (#15311)

  • Fixed: condition_from_command does not do anything in audit mode (#15189)

  • Fixed: in 5.1 the bundle ncf_configuration_basedir does not exists anymore (#14911)

  • Fixed: ncf_lib shoudl not exist in 5.1 anymore (#14787)

  • Fixed: Unwanted "methods" promise in (#14198)

Generic methods - Service Management

  • Fixed: Service having both an init script and a real systemd unit are managed through the init script (#13740)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

  • Jonathan CLARKE

  • Thomas CAILHE

This is a bug fix release in the 6.0 series and therefore all installations of 6.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

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