Logs reference

Server side

The Rudder log files are all located in the: /var/log/rudder directory.

root@server:/var/log/rudder# ls -1


All web application logs are located under the webapp folder. A new log file is generated everytime the service rudder-jetty is restarted. If you want to access the current webapp logs, look for the file named <today’s date>.stderrout.log. The java.log is used to log the JVM errors.


The apache2 folder is mostly used to log inventories and API calls.


Only active when using the SYSLOG reporting mode and enabled in the webapp settings, it aggregates all raw reports received from the nodes under the file /var/log/rudder/reports/all.log.


The compliance folder will aggregate by default all non Success or N/A reports under /var/log/rudder/compliance/non-compliant-reports.log One line per reports that is neither Success nor N/A, as described below:

[2017-03-11 12:16:43+0100] N: root [rudder-snapshot.rudder.io]
S: [result_error] R: root-DP [distributePolicy] D: root-distributePolicy [Distribute Policy] T: distributePolicy/1.0 C: [reports] V: [None]
Some inventories failed to add successfully to Rudder

[2017-03-11 12:21:42+0100] N: root [rudder-snapshot.rudder.io]
S: [result_repaired] R: hasPolicyServer-root [Rudder system policy: basic setup (common)] D: common-root [Common] T: common/1.0 C: [Security parameters] V: [None]
Some internal security parameters were adjusted

N for Node

S for Status

R for Rule

V for Value

D for Directive

T for Technique

C for Component

The last field is human readable text report message


It contains one file per Rudder related package installation, with all the logs from their installation.


Logs every run of the command rudder agent check -q triggered by a cron every 5 minutes.

Linux agents

The agent only comes with the install and agent-check logs.

Windows agents

Install logs are available under C:\Program Files\Rudder\logs\*.log. Logs of every agent run are stored under C:\Program Files\Rudder\logs\history\.

You can save the verbose output of an agent run using the -LogFile option:

rudder agent run -v -LogFile "C:\rudder_run.log"

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