This plugin aims at providing non-compliance notification modules for your Rudder server. It currently supports e-mail, slack notifications and tickets opening in GLPI.


  • Your Rudder server must have python-requests and python-configparser installed. (either by your favorite package manager or python module installer)

  • Install the plugin on the Rudder server

  • Edit the configuration file in /opt/rudder/etc/notify.conf. This config file sets which notifications are enabled and some additional parameters.


The plugin has to be started as a daemon and will watch for non-compliances on your Rudder infrastructure. Start it with systemctl start rudder-notify.

The plugins takes its config from /opt/rudder/etc/notify.conf. Edit this file to your preferences.

For the e-mail plugin, the plugin uses the mail utility to send its notifications. This program needs to be installed and properly set up. The e-mail notifications can be set in the conf file to not spam you, and send by batches of a certain period for you to set. The conf file also contains the recipients of the e-mails.

The slack module needs slack webhooks to be able to send slack messages to users or channels. You will have to declare an app for your workspace and create these webhooks via your slack admin panel. More info here :

The plugin can also be configured to open ticket in GLPI based on non-compliance in Rudder. To do so, in /opt/rudder/etc/notify.conf, set the GLPI plugin on and fulfill the required parameters.

  • userToken can be found in the Users settings page in the GLPI interface under the APIToken field.

  • apiToken and url can be found under the Setup → General → API pagae in the GLPI interface.



Thank you for your interest in our project ! The contribution process is detailed here:

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