Containers - Docker support

Relay servers require the scale-out-relay plugin to be installed, read more about plugins on our website.

Rudder relay

There is a Docker image for running a fully containerized relay.

It is still in technical preview state, and we would like to discuss your container use cases on our chat room to improve our container support, especially in the context of container orchestration tools (Kubernetes, Nomad, etc.)


Download the image from the Docker Hub with:

docker pull rudderio/rudder-relay


You can also build it from the repository.

Specify a version to build with:

docker build --build-arg VERSION=7.2.5 .


The container is configurable with env variables:

  • RUDDER_RELAY_ID: agent id

  • RUDDER_RELAY_PRIVKEY: agent private key

  • RUDDER_RELAY_CERTIFICATE: agent certificate

  • RUDDER_RELAY_SERVER: hostname/IP of the server, default is rudder

  • RUDDER_RELAY_SERVER_PUBKEY: server public key

The env variables have priority over persisted values. If not provided at first start of the container, the id and keys will be generated.

The id, keys and certificates can be persisted by making /var/rudder/cfengine-community/ppkeys/ a persistent volume.


Start the container with:

docker run -p443:443 -p5309:5309

The fist start will take several seconds to generate the required keys and certificates, to download initial policies from the Rudder server, and will then start the services.

It is currently not possible to modify the ports used by the container.


We provide a sample Nomad configuration in rudder-relay.nomad, but it has not been tested in a real use case, we’re open to feedbacks and improvements.


To upgrade, you need to keep the ppkeys volume and replace the container by the new one.

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