Slapd administration

The rudder-slapd service is part of the rudder-server package and runs only on Rudder server. It is mainly used by the webapp to store information about the nodes.

It is a standard OpenLDAP slapd service, embedded with Rudder.

Rudder also comes with its ldap tooling in /opt/rudder/bin/ldap* and /opt/rudder/sbin/slap* (slapcat, etc.).


Relay configuration is stored in /opt/rudder/etc/openldap/slapd.conf and managed by the system techniques. You shouldn’t need to edit it.

Data files

rudder-slapd stores its data in /var/rudder/ldap/openldap-data/ with the mdb backend.



rudder-slapd logs into /var/log/rudder/ldap/slapd.log, and Rudder comes with a logrotate configuration for its logs.


Relayd runs with the rudder-slapd user and the rudder group. On recent systemd versions it runs with limited access to the filesystem (can only access predefined data directories).

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