Install Rudder agent on AIX

AIX uses the same agent as Linux, so any method or directive with the "Linux" agent type are also compatible with AIX.


Each official package is signed with our GPG signature. To ensure the packages you will install are official builds and have not been altered, import our key into rpm using the following command:

rpm --import

Our key fingerprint is:

pub  1024R/6F07D355 2012-11-09 Rudder Project (RPM release key) <>
      Key fingerprint = 1141 A947 CDA0 4E83 82C1  B9C4 ADAB 3BD3 6F07 D355

With yum

Downloading the AIX agent requires an active subscription.

Add a yum repository for Rudder:

echo '[Rudder_7.3]
name=Rudder 7.3
gpgkey=' > /etc/yum.repos.d/rudder.repo

Install the package:

yum install rudder-agent

With rpm

Download the rpm file directly from our repository:


Install the package using rpm:

rpm -ivh rudder-agent-7.3.0-1.AIX.5.3.aix5.3.ppc.rpm



Configure the agent

Configure the IP address or hostname of the Rudder Root Server in the following file

rudder agent policy-server <rudder server ip or hostname>

We advise you to use the IP address of the Rudder root server. The DNS name of this server can also be used if you have a trusted DNS infrastructure with proper reverse resolutions.

Add the node to the server

Several minutes after the start of the agent, the new node should be pending in the Rudder web interface. You will be able to browse its inventory, and accept it to manage its configuration with Rudder.

You may force the agent to run and send an inventory by issuing the following command:

rudder agent inventory

You may force the agent run by issuing the following command:

rudder agent run

By default, a node listens on port 5309 to allow remote agent trigger. This feature is optional and can be disabled for security reason.

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