Ensure the value of a registry entry is correct. If the key and/or its `entry' does not exist yet, it will be created.


-name: Rudder registry "myEntry" property must be set to 1
 method: registry_entry_present
   key: "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Rudder"
   entry: "myEntry"
   value: "1"
   registryType: "Dword"

⚙️ **Compatible targets**: Windows

#### Parameters

| Name | Documentation |
|**key**|Registry key path (ie, HKLM:\Software\Rudder).<br><br>This parameter is required.|
|**entry**|Registry entry name.<br><br>This parameter is required.|
|**value**|Registry value.<br><br>This parameter is required.|
|**registryType**|Registry value type (String, ExpandString, MultiString, Dword, Qword).<br><br>Choices:<br><ul><li>`String`</li><li>`ExpandString`</li><li>`MultiString`</li><li>`Dword`</li></ul><br>This parameter is required.|

#### Outcome conditions

You need to replace `${entry}` with its actual canonified value.

* ✅ Ok: `registry_entry_present_${entry}_ok`
  * ☑️  Already compliant: `registry_entry_present_${entry}_kept`
  * 🟨 Repaired: `registry_entry_present_${entry}_repaired`
* ❌ Error: `registry_entry_present_${entry}_error`

#### Example

method: registry_entry_present
  registryType: String
  entry: VALUE
  value: VALUE
  key: VALUE