Ensure that a given kernel module will be loaded at system boot.

⚙️ Compatible targets: Linux


nameComplete name of the kernel module, as seen by lsmod or listed in /proc/modules.

This parameter is required.

Outcome conditions

You need to replace ${name} with its actual canonified value.

  • ✅ Ok: kernel_module_enabled_at_boot_${name}_ok
    • ☑️ Already compliant: kernel_module_enabled_at_boot_${name}_kept
    • 🟨 Repaired: kernel_module_enabled_at_boot_${name}_repaired
  • ❌ Error: kernel_module_enabled_at_boot_${name}_error


method: kernel_module_enabled_at_boot
  name: VALUE


Ensure that a given kernel module is enabled at boot on the system. This method only works on systemd systems. Rudder will look for a line matching the module name in a given section in the file:

  • /etc/modules-load.d/enabled_by_rudder.conf on systemd systems

If the module is already enabled by a different option file than used by Rudder, it will add an entry in the file managed by Rudder listed above, and leave intact the already present one. The modifications are persistent and made line per line, meaning that this Generic Method will never remove lines in the configuration file but only add it if needed.

Please note that this method will not load the module nor configure it, it will only enable its loading at system boot. If you want to force the module to be loaded, use instead the method kernel_module_loaded. If you want to configure the module, use instead the method kernel_module_configuration.