Ensure that the file contains a pair of "key separator value", with options on the spacing around the separator.

⚙️ Compatible targets: Linux


pathFile name to edit (absolute path on the target node).

This parameter is required.
keyKey to define.

This parameter is required.
valueValue to define.

This parameter is required.
separatorSeparator between key and value, for example "=" or " " (without the quotes).

This parameter can contain only whitespaces.
This parameter is required.
optionOption for the spacing around the separator: strict, which prevent spacing (space or tabs) around separators, or lax which accepts any number of spaces around separators.

  • strict
  • lax

This parameter is required.

Outcome conditions

You need to replace ${path} with its actual canonified value.

  • ✅ Ok: file_key_value_present_${path}_ok
    • ☑️ Already compliant: file_key_value_present_${path}_kept
    • 🟨 Repaired: file_key_value_present_${path}_repaired
  • ❌ Error: file_key_value_present_${path}_error


method: file_key_value_present_option
  path: VALUE
  key: VALUE
  value: VALUE
  separator: VALUE
  option: strict


Edit (or create) the file, and ensure it contains an entry key -> value with arbitrary separator between the key and its value. If the key is already present, the method will change the value associated with this key.