This method retrieves a file shared from another Rudder node.

⚙️ Compatible targets: Linux


remote_nodeWhich node to take the file from.

This parameter is required.
file_idUnique name that was used to identify the file on the sender.

This parameter must match ^[A-z0-9._-]+$.
This parameter is required.
file_pathWhere to put the file content.

This parameter is required.

Outcome conditions

You need to replace ${file_id} with its actual canonified value.

  • ✅ Ok: sharedfile_from_node_${file_id}_ok
    • ☑️ Already compliant: sharedfile_from_node_${file_id}_kept
    • 🟨 Repaired: sharedfile_from_node_${file_id}_repaired
  • ❌ Error: sharedfile_from_node_${file_id}_error


method: sharedfile_from_node
  file_path: VALUE
  remote_node: VALUE
  file_id: VALUE


This method retrieves a file shared from a Rudder node using a unique file identifier.

The file will be downloaded using native agent protocol and copied into a new file. The destination path must be the complete absolute path of the destination file.

See sharedfile_to_node for a complete example.