Ensure that the modprobe configuration of a given kernel module is correct.

⚙️ Compatible targets: Linux


nameComplete name of the kernel module, as seen by lsmod or listed in /proc/modules.

This parameter is required.
configurationComplete configuration block to put in /etc/modprobe.d/.

This parameter must match `^(alias

Outcome conditions

You need to replace ${name} with its actual canonified value.

  • ✅ Ok: kernel_module_configuration_${name}_ok
    • ☑️ Already compliant: kernel_module_configuration_${name}_kept
    • 🟨 Repaired: kernel_module_configuration_${name}_repaired
  • ❌ Error: kernel_module_configuration_${name}_error


method: kernel_module_configuration
  name: VALUE
  configuration: VALUE


Ensure that the modprobe configuration of a given kernel module is correct. Rudder will search for the module configuration in a per-module dedicated section in /etc/modprobe.d/managed_by_rudder.conf.

  • If the module configuration is not found or incorrect, Rudder will (re-)create its configuration.
  • If the module is configured but with a different option file than used by Rudder, it will add the expected one in /etc/modprobe.d/managed_by_rudder.conf but will leave intact the already present one.

The configuration syntax must respect the one used by /etc/modprobe.d defined in the modprobe.d manual page.

  # To pass a parameter to a module:
  options module_name parameter_name=parameter_value
  # To blacklist a module
  blacklist modulename
  # etc...


If you want to force the module to be loaded at boot, use instead the method kernel_module_enabled_at_boot which uses other Rudder dedicated files.


To pass options to a broadcom module

  • name = b43
  • configuration = options b43 nohwcrypt=1 qos=0

Will produce the resulting block in /etc/modprobe.d/managed_by_rudder.conf:

### b43 start section
options b43 nohwcrypt=1 qos=0
### b43 end section