Build packages from source

Building the Rudder agent

Get source

Make sure you have network access and the git command.

Go to your build directory and checkout rudder-packages

cd /usr/src
git clone
cd rudder-packages

Choose the branch to build

# For branch 5.0
git checkout branches/rudder/5.0
cd rudder-agent

Now choose one of the 3 next chapter, depending on your case: dpkg (debian-like package), rpm (redhat-like package) or other.

Build a dpkg package

Set the version to build:

  • Update the debian/changelog file to make the first entry match the version you want to build.

  • Edit the SOURCES/Makefile file and set the value of RUDDER_VERSION_TO_PACKAGE: see for a complete list of available versions.

Run the dpkg package builder:


The package will be stored in the parent directory.

Build an rpm package

Set the version to build:

Run the rpm package builder:

# make sure you are in in rudder-agent, then
ln -s `pwd` /root/rpmbuild
rpmbuild -ba --define 'real_version 5.0.0' SPECS/*.spec

The package will be stored in RPMS/.

Build an agent locally

Before building the agent, you must decide on some environment variables:

  • RUDDER_VERSION_TO_PACKAGE: the version of the sources that will be used, see for a complete list. If a rudder-sources directory exists in SOURCES it will be used instead of downloading sources. The Variable still needs to be defined though.

  • DESTDIR: where to put the installation, use/to install on the system and leave the default of ./target to prepare a package.

  • USE_SYSTEM_OPENSSL: (default true), use system openssl (depends on libssl-dev) or build it with the agent.

  • USE_SYSTEM_LMDB: (default false), use system lmdb (depends on liblmdb-dev) or build it with the agent.

  • USE_SYSTEM_PCRE: (default true), use system pcre (depends on libpcre3-dev) or build it with the agent.

  • USE_SYSTEM_PERL: (default false), use system perl (depends on perl) or build it with the agent.

  • USE_SYSTEM_FUSION: (default false), use system fusion (depends on fusioninventory-agent), or build it with the agent. We advise you to use the Rudder version since it contains some patches.

# example
make $env
make install $env

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