This plugin provides integration between Rudder and GLPI. It will send to your GLPI server the up-to-date inventories processed by the Rudder server.


  • Install a GLPI server. The server is not required to be running on the same host as the Rudder server. However, this plugin has to be installed and running on the Rudder server.

  • Install the fusion inventory plugin for GLPI

  • Install the glpi plugin on your Rudder server

  • Edit the configuration file in /opt/rudder/etc/glpi.conf. This config file must contain the URL to your GLPI server’s fusion inventory plugin.


Run /opt/rudder/bin/glpi-plugin send-all to update all the inventories. This command is run automatically everyday around 7AM.

To manuallyi update an inventory for a specific node, run /opt/rudder/bin/glpi-plugin send-one UUID. The plugin will automatically send a new inventory upon node addition to Rudder.

All nodes inventories are sent daily to GLPI, including pending nodes.

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