Changelogs for Rudder plugin cis 6.1.\* versions

cis-6.1-1.1 (2020-06-18)



  • backport category creation to 5.0 (#16365)

  • Add technique export to rudder-synchronize (#15837)

  • Document the plugin (#15812)

  • Add more items to the CIS plugin (#15796)

  • Add support for multi-OS benchmark (#15718)

  • Create the plugin base (#15553)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: cleanup the documentation (#17419)

  • Fixed: Starting 6.1 the plugin should use the rudder_synchronize builtin the rudder server (#17391)

  • Fixed: The plugin check for module freexvfs instead of freevxfs (#17302)

  • Fixed: Cleanup the uninstall process (#16948)

  • Fixed: Add dedicated techniques on a per benchmark basis (#16958)

  • Fixed: Adapt plugin build to the new separate benchmarks (#16935)

  • Fixed: Split the configuration build from the plugin build (#16921)

  • Fixed: Add Ubuntu18 benchmark support (#16920)

  • Fixed: Add a CIS category and put everything in it (#16103)

  • Fixed: Readme does not follow the correct syntax policy (#16423)

  • Fixed: Modify makefile to use pdfs from our private repos (#16381)

  • Fixed: Lots of directives in CIS are not working in Audit mode (#16378)

  • Fixed: Improve CIS documentation (#15942)

  • Fixed: Limit the usage of global variables in rudder-synchronize (#15848)

  • Fixed: As guarding class for skipping item we are using skip_item_${report_data.directive_id} instead of skip_item_${report_data.canonified_directive_id} (#15813)

  • Fixed: Add sysctl IPV4 cis items (#15807)


  • Fixed: Clean pugin install docs (#17276)

  • Fixed: Make images displayable in plugin doc on github (#16989)


  • Fixed: Change the Makefile command to find all plugin folder (#17036)

Release notes

This is a bug fix release in the 6.1 series and therefore all installations of 6.1.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

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