Change server port

This chapter explains how to change cf-serverd listening port (default 5309).

All agents and relays must use the same port to communicate, if you change the port on an existing infrastructure you must do it on all machines.

Change listening port on the policy-server

To change the cf-serverd port on th policy-server, edit /opt/rudder/etc/ and replace the key

For example :

Then restart the server and the agent :

systemctl restart rudder-jetty
systemctl restart rudder-agent

Set connection port on the agent

The agent cannot know in advance that the server port has changed, so you must declare it when configuring the agent.

To do this, add the port to the server name in /var/rudder/cfengine-community/policy_server.dat.

For example :

You must restart the agent to get its new set of promises and to make sure it listens for remote-run on this specific port :

systemctl restart rudder-agent

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