Changelogs for Rudder plugin cve 5.0.\* versions

cve-5.0-0.1 (2019-05-10)



  • Change how empty cvss (v3 missing) score are stored in databse (#14855)

  • Display details of the selected CVE (#14709)

  • Create the first version of the interface (#14708)

  • Set-up project (#14504)

  • Set-up project (#14504)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: Move cve parsed file to a new name (#14858)

  • Fixed: Store cve info, store vulners check, create cve api, use api to get data (#14821)

  • Fixed: Correct API order in plugins privates (#14811)

  • Fixed: Read cve files from plugin folder and add them to database (#14705)

  • Fixed: Cve elm data model (#14624)

  • Fixed: Get all CVE for all packages by os/version from Vulners (#14519)

Release notes

Special thanks go out to the following individuals who invested time, patience, testing, patches or bug reports to make this version of Rudder better:

This is a bug fix release in the 5.0 series and therefore all installations of 5.0.x should be upgraded when possible. When we release a new version of Rudder it has been thoroughly tested, and we consider the release enterprise-ready for deployment.

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