Upgrade Rudder on RHEL or CentOS

Before upgrading, especially for minor and major version upgrades, please read the upgrade notes.

Add a yum repository for Rudder (replace VERSION with RHEL version):

echo '[Rudder_8.0]
name=Rudder 8.0
gpgkey=https://repository.rudder.io/rpm/rudder_rpm_key.pub' > /etc/yum.repos.d/rudder.repo

If you have an active subscription, use the following to get access to long term support (you need to replace the VERSION, username and the password by your Rudder account):

echo '[Rudder_8.0]
name=Rudder 8.0
gpgkey=https://download.rudder.io/rpm/rudder_rpm_key.pub' > /etc/yum.repos.d/rudder.repo

Or for RHEL/CentOS < 7 (replace VERSION with RHEL version):

echo '[Rudder_8.0]
name=Rudder 8.0
gpgkey=https://LOGIN:PASSWORD@download.rudder.io/rpm/rudder_rpm_key.pub' > /etc/yum.repos.d/rudder.repo

Rudder agent

For Rudder agent, upgrade the agent package:

yum update rudder-agent

Rudder server

Rudder 8.0 requires PostgreSQL 13 or newer, but on RHEL 8 (and derivatives), the version present by default in the system repositories is PostgreSQL 10.

Before installing or upgrading to 8.0, you need to install a compatible PostgreSQL version on your server. You can do so it two ways:

yum module enable postgresql:13
  • By installing PostgreSQL from the upstream official repository, following these instructions.

For Rudder server, upgrade the server packages:

yum update rudder-server

Note: If you have manually edited the built-in techniques in the git repository, you might need to upgrade you techniques manually.

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