Important installation notes

Several issues were found with Rudder server 6.0.0 and 6.0.1 installation. You may need to do some manual configuration to complete installation successfully.

All distribution

The installation process does not correctly trigger an agent run at the end of installation. The most common issue is that connection to PostgreSQL will not be possible because authentication is not correct.

After Rudder root server installation, please run by:

rudder agent run -u

You may need to run that command a second time to check that everything is then in success.

RHEL/Centos 8

On these distribution, some SELinux policies forbid connection to Rudder web interface. You may see a "proxy connection error" when trying to access the UI.

For now, you will need to disable SELinux on that distribution. Use the following command as root:

setenforce 0

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