Generic methods guidelines

Naming convention

  • A generic method should be named as this:

  • The first part is the name of the item being defined or configured (a package, a file, a condition, etc.), the second part qualifies what is being done

  • item_state whenever a state name makes sense (like package_present)

  • item_subitem when we are configuring a subitem (like user_home)

  • item_subitem_state whenever a state name makes sense for a subitem (like file_lines_present)

  • item_from_source whenever it is converted from something else, replacing source by the type of the source (command, file, etc.)

  • item_action if it is an action (like service_restart)

  • Avoid useless words, and keep things short

  • When adding a more specific method, add a qualifier at the end

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