Group of Nodes

You can create Group of Nodes based on search criteria to ease attribution of Rules in Configuration Management. The creation of groups can be done from the Node Management > Search Nodes page, or directly from the Groups list in Node Management > Groups. A group can be either Dynamic or Static.

Dynamic group
Group of Nodes based on search criteria. The search is replayed every time the group is queried. The list will always contain the nodes that match the criteria, even if the data nodes have changed since the group was created.
Static group
Group of Nodes based on search criteria. The search is performed once and the resulting list of Nodes is stored. Once declared, the list of nodes will not change, except manual change.

Example 7. Create a dynamic group for Linux Nodes with ssh having an ip address in 192.18.42.x.

To create that dynamic group like described above, You first have to create a new group with group type set to Dynamic. Then you have to set its search request to:

  1. Operator: AND.
  2. First search line: Node, Operating System, =, Linux.
  3. Second search line: Software, Name, =, ssh.
  4. Third search line: Node summary, Ip address, Regex, 192\ .168\ .\d\ . .* .

Finally, you have to click on Search to populate the group and click on Save to actually save it.