A Technique defines a set of operations and configurations to reach the desired behaviour. This includes the initial set-up, but also a regular check on the parameters, and automatic repairs (when possible).

All the Techniques are built with the possibility to change only part of a service configuration: each parameter may be either active, either set on the "Don’t change" value, that will let the default values or in place. This allows for a progressive deployment of the configuration management.

Finally, the Techniques will generate a set of reports which are sent to the Rudder Root Server, which will let you analyse the percentage of compliance of your policies, and soon, detailed reports on their application.

Manage the Techniques

The Techniques shipped with Rudder are presented in a library that you can reorganize in Configuration > Techniques. The library is organized in two parts: the available Techniques, and the selection made by the user.

Technique Library
This is an organized list of all available Techniques. This list can’t be modified: every change made by a user will be applied to the Active Techniques.
Active Techniques
This is an organized list of the Techniques selected and modified by the user. By default this list is the same as the Technique Library. Techniques can be disabled or deleted, and then activated again with a simple drag and drop. Categories can be reorganised according to the desired taxonomy. A Technique can appear only once in the Active Techniques list.

Create new Techniques

The standard library only provides the most common Techniques. You can create new Technique with the Technique Editor.