Password upgrade

This version of Rudder uses a central file to manage the passwords that will be used by the application: /opt/rudder/etc/rudder-passwords.conf

When first installing Rudder, this file is initialized with default values, and when you run rudder-init, it will be updated with randomly generated passwords.

On the majority of cases, this is fine, however you might want to adjust the passwords manually. This is possible, just be cautious when editing the file, as if you corrupt it Rudder will not be able to operate correctly anymore and will spit numerous errors in the program logs.

As of now, this file follows a simple syntax: ELEMENT:password

You are able to configure three passwords in it: The OpenLDAP one, the PostgreSQL one and the authenticated WebDAV one.

If you edit this file, Rudder will take care of applying the new passwords everywhere it is needed, however it will restart the application automatically when finished, so take care of notifying users of potential downtime before editing passwords.

Here is a sample command to regenerate the WebDAV password with a random password, that is portable on all supported systems. Just change the "RUDDER_WEBDAV_PASSWORD" to any password file statement corresponding to the password you want to change.

sed -i s/RUDDER_WEBDAV_PASSWORD.*/RUDDER_WEBDAV_PASSWORD:$(dd if=/dev/urandom count=128 bs=1 2>&1 | md5sum | cut -b-12)/ /opt/rudder/etc/rudder-passwords.conf