Once you have selected and organized your Techniques, you can create your configurations in the Configuration Management > Directives section.

This is an instance of a Technique, which allows to set values for the parameters of the latter. Each Directive can have a unique name. A Directive should be completed with a short and a long description, and a collection of parameters for the variables defined by the Technique.

The screen is divided in three parts:

  • on the left, The list of Directives, grouped by Technique
  • on the right, The selected Directive form.

Click on the name of a Technique to show its description, and how to Create a Directive base on it.

Click on the name of a Directive to see the Directive Summary containing the description of the Technique its derived from, and the configuration items of the Directive.


Example 8. Create a Directive for Name resolution

Use the Technique Name resolution to create a new Directive called Google DNS Servers, and shortly described as Use Google DNS Server. Check in the options Set nameservers and Set DNS search suffix. Set the value of the variable DNS resolver to and of Domain search suffix according to your organization, like