Basic administration of Rudder services

Restart the agent of the node

To restart the Rudder Agent, use following command on a node:

service rudder-agent restart

This command can take more than one minute to restart the CFEngine daemon. This is not a bug, but an internal protection system of CFEngine.

Restart the root rudder service

Restart everything

You can restart all components of the Rudder Root Server at once:

service rudder restart

Restart only one component

Here is the list of the components of the root server with a brief description of their role, and the command to restart them:

CFEngine server
Distribute the CFEngine configuration to the nodes.
service rudder-agent restart
Web server application
Execute the web interface and the server that handles the new inventories.
service rudder-jetty restart
Web server front-end
Handle the connection to the Web interface, the received inventories and the sharing of the UUID Rudder Root Server.
service apache2 restart
LDAP server
Store the inventories and the Node configurations.
service rudder-slapd restart
SQL server
Store the received reports from the nodes.
service postgresql* restart